Electronic Village: Taser Death: Daniel Satre (Ballston Spa, NY)

It happened again! This time an unarmed man was electrocuted by 50,000 volts from each of the taser guns used on him by some or all of the six unidentified Ballston Spa (NY) police officers called to his home on Saturday, September 20, 2014.

The police officers were coming to arrest 43-old Daniel Satre for ‘disorderly conduct’. I’m not a lawyer … but, I’m fairly certain that the death penalty is not the legal penalty for ‘disorderly conduct’. Again, we see a case of overzealous police officers using their not-quite-lethal taser guns when they feel the slightest bit of disrespect from a citizen.

via Electronic Village: Taser Death: Daniel Satre (Ballston Spa, NY).

(I guess no one except relatives cares and that news organizations and people figure “tough luck” you got killed because “you” were not cooperative with police – which is an excuse for “oops” killing someone. Nothing will be done, I expect, until some 5-year old, white girl from a “good” family is killed for having a tantrum in a school, or someone famous or an elected official is killed for being disrespectful and not following “order.” )