US launches air strikes against IKEA

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The US has stepped up its war against the radical home furnishings group, IKEA, launching air strikes on targets in its retail division for the first time.

The Pentagon press secretary, rear admiral John Kirby, confirmed that the US and allied nations sent fighter jets, bomber aircraft and Tomahawk missiles in an operation against IKEA stores and depots that he described as “ongoing”.

Tensions have been increasing between the west and the retailing conglomerate since shocking reports of the Swedish home products company brutal treatment of home furnishings were exposed.

In a speech, President Obama accused the organisation of being a threat to western interests, with an aggressive expansionist plan by the furniture giant to create a pine furnishings caliphate in which all furnishings will be forced to conform to its extremist brand of light-coloured, bland wooden furniture

IKEA leaders have responded with videos and photographs of horrific displays of rooms decorated with cheap self-assembly furnishings and threatened a massive retaliation…

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This Telegraph article about Emma Watson has just murdered satire in cold blood

Wish this was unbelievable – hope Daily Telegraph writer is hoisted on their own… sheesh!

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(not satire – it’s the Daily Telegraph!)

I am livid.

How on earth are satirists supposed to compete when Daily Telegraph feature writers are coming up with gems like this:

Emma Watson hits a high note with gender equality speech – and her wardrobe choices

As a piece of hard-hitting satire the article is hilarious.

The only problem is that it’s supposed to be serious.

Here are a few extracts:

The new UN Women Goodwill Ambassador made waves with her speech on gender equality in New York – and her sophisticated wardrobe.

You’ve been called up to address the secretary -general of the United Nations and a host of ‘distinguished guests’ with your one-of-a-kind mission to stop gender inequality. So what on earth do you wear?

The 24-year-old made clear her stance on being a feminist  – in a dress choice that was as eloquent and…

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Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change and what to do about it | George Marshall | Comment is free | The Guardian

So if we are to really mobilise action on climate change it is vital that we recognise that it exists in two forms: the scientific facts and the far more potent social facts of constructed narratives or deliberate silence. It is the latter that provide the basis on which we accept, deny or ignore the issue, reinforced by our innate need to conform to the norm within our social group.

However, seen in this light, the situation is far from hopeless. Like the cycles that govern global energy and carbon systems, public attitudes are subject to positive feedback effects that can amplify small changes and result in rapid shifts. Strong visible protest and increased media coverage can break the climate silence and create wider engagement. Above all, though, we need to recognise that the narrative we choose will shape what happens from now on. We may continue to fall back on our need for an enemy. But the very best story would be a one of common purpose, based around our shared humanity.

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Electronic Village: Taser Death: Daniel Satre (Ballston Spa, NY)

It happened again! This time an unarmed man was electrocuted by 50,000 volts from each of the taser guns used on him by some or all of the six unidentified Ballston Spa (NY) police officers called to his home on Saturday, September 20, 2014.

The police officers were coming to arrest 43-old Daniel Satre for ‘disorderly conduct’. I’m not a lawyer … but, I’m fairly certain that the death penalty is not the legal penalty for ‘disorderly conduct’. Again, we see a case of overzealous police officers using their not-quite-lethal taser guns when they feel the slightest bit of disrespect from a citizen.

via Electronic Village: Taser Death: Daniel Satre (Ballston Spa, NY).

(I guess no one except relatives cares and that news organizations and people figure “tough luck” you got killed because “you” were not cooperative with police – which is an excuse for “oops” killing someone. Nothing will be done, I expect, until some 5-year old, white girl from a “good” family is killed for having a tantrum in a school, or someone famous or an elected official is killed for being disrespectful and not following “order.” )