Just plain meanness! Israeli demolition of dairy factory in Hebron

Israeli bulldozers are reported to have inflicted considerable damage in demolishing a dairy farm and factory owned by Hebron’s Islamic Charitable Society in al-Rama neighbourhood in the north of the city. Eyewitnesses report that Israeli soldiers accompanied two bulldozers and two excavators at the site.

The Chair of the Islamic Charitable Society’s Board of Directors, Hatim al-Bakri, estimated the cost of the damages in the region of “2 million US dollars”. The “services the Charitable Society offers to orphans in the Hebron district will be badly affected”, he added. The factory employs around 52 members of staff.

This is not the first time the factory has been targeted. Israeli forces confiscated the factory’s contents in early July, during Ramadan, after the Israeli Council for Planning alleged that the plant was built without a license.

via Israeli demolition of dairy factory in Hebron.