The Voice of Nada: In Praise of the Earth

Let us ask forgiveness of the Earth

For all our sins against her:

For our violence and poisonings

Of her beauty.

Let us remember within us

The ancient clay,

Holding the memory of seasons,

The passion of the wind,

The fluency of water,

The warmth of fire,

The quiver-touch of the sun

And shadowed sureness of the moon.

That we may awaken,

To live to the full

The dream of the Earth

Who chose us to emerge

And incarnate its hidden night

In mind, spirit, and light.

– John O’Donohue, from: In Praise of the Earth

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Ireland denies suicidal rape survivor an abortion and forces her to undergo a C-section

As Jessica notes, the horrific ordeal shows how inadequate even this small exemption to the country’s strict anti-choice law really is. A member of Ireland’s Doctors for Choice said, “We predicted it would be a bad law, that it was going to be trouble and quickly that’s been proven.” Part of the problem is that the law requires examination of the pregnant person’s mental state by up to seven different doctors, a process which will “not only be overly invasive, confusing and distressing emotionally, it will also be time-consuming.”

It’s also probably no coincidence that this young women, like Halappanavar, is an immigrant. While middle-class Irish citizens can often go to England to end their pregnancies, poor women — who lack the funds — and immigrant women — who lack the papers to easily travel — are often out of luck. The young woman might have been able to get authorization to travel to England under the law and advocates are demanding to know if she was informed of her rights.

As Sarah McCarthy, a spokesperson for Galway Pro-Choice, says, the case “illustrates quite clearly that women are treated as little more than incubators under Irish law.”

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Quote of the Day: “My past is littered with the bones of men…”

Meet the new head of the NBA players union, Michele A. Roberts. A former public defender, Roberts will be the first female leader of a major North American professional sports union. But, she says, “I don’t live my life saying, ‘What ceiling am I going to crack tomorrow?’” Instead, her advice “is not to worry about whether you’re the only one, but worry about whether you’re the best one.”

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Liberia getting multiple hits – Indians stuck in Ebola-hit Liberia as airlines cancel services – The Times of India

Kenya Airways is the latest carrier to suspend its flights to the Liberian capital of Monrovia and Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown due to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The airline will stop flying its planes to Liberia from Tuesday.

At present, only Brussels Airlines is operating. British Airways, Emirates, pan-African airline ASKY and smaller regional carrier Arik Air have restricted flights in the region.

Adding to the woes of the local and expatriate population is the escalating cost of essential commodities. The price of one particular variety of parboiled rice popular in Liberia — imported from India and the US — has doubled.

“We used to get a 25kg bag of parboiled rice at US$14. A month ago, it was $18; now it has touched $28,” says Shamshuddin, a garment businessman from Karnad, Mulki. According to him, the prices of rice and other commodities have increased because there are no vessels bringing them to Liberia.

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Afghan Women’s Writing Project | War

To buy his family’s safety, your father spends every Afghani

he has saved for the last 30 years. Your mother sells

her jewelry so she can feed you and your brothers and sisters.

Your brother gives up his beloved car, and you

give up your education because you have no other option.

Gunfire and rockets, like the devil screaming,

wake you in the middle of the night.

The explosions vibrate through your heart.

Nothing can calm you, not even the arms

of your mother.

You see torn bodies on the TV.

Mothers lie crying over their sons’ corpses.

Widows weep for their children:

Who will feed them today?

War means living in fear, with families torn apart.

Flowers lose their color, become gray.

Dark circles under your eyes, your skin pale,

you see everything in black and white,

cannot feel the sun’s warmth, the wind’s breeze,

see how bright the moon and stars.

Your best friend flees to another place—you

miss her, become lonely, isolated. She was the one

you shared your secrets with and played with.

You don’t feel safe without her, not even in your own room.

War means poverty. People kill for food.

Parents sell their children. Children sell opium.

Girls marry old men. Teenagers take responsibilities

that are too big. They feel old, begin to be cruel,

see things they shouldn’t—do things they shouldn’t.

You see women killed. Of course, they have been raped first,

because they are honored by the enemies.

And yes, you see yourself used as a tool of war,

and sold because no one can protect you.

War makes the warlord thirstier and thirstier.

He cares only about himself, seeks to drink power,

becomes blind, deaf, a liar. With no laws, no rules,

you make no goals anymore for your unknown future.

You become cheap, worthless.

War means nightmares for you, your family,

your world. Every single sound scares you.

War tastes as terrible as it is. You have no appetite,

not even for your favorite meal.

By Marzia

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WHO: Full Report Of Ethics Committee On Experimental Drugs For Ebola

{Unintended consequences abound after use of experimental drugs on Ebola given ethical OK by WHO}

The intent was to allow a handful drugs and vaccines currently under investigation for the treatment of Ebola – those with at least some reasonable expectation of being effective – to be given a “compassionate use” waiver so they could be used outside of a clinical trial.


On Friday, in an attempt to dial back some of the excessive media hype over what are unproven and untested drugs, we saw the WHO Warn Of `Unrealistic Expectations’ Over Experimental Ebola Drugs.

Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, almost immediately we began to see reports of everything from herbal remedies to homeopathic `cures’ to `Nano Silver’ ( even holy water)  being offered as potential treatments or preventatives for Ebola.


Last week the FDA warned consumers about fraudulent Ebola treatment products and the WHO began to aggressively discount these `cures’ on their twitter account.

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