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cfr_history_7.31country_trends_7.31country_trends_cum_7.31lcr_history_7.31all_trends_7.31all_trends_cum_7.31Historical Data Sources:
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61 Palestinians killed since midnight in the 26th day of the Israeli offensive in Gaza

At least 61 Palestinians were killed overnight in the Gaza Strip in different Israeli attacks, many of them children and elderly. 35 of them were killed in Rafah, which has been suffering ongoing attacks since yesterday at noon.

Medical sources reported this morning about the killing of three Palestinians in Israeli airstrikes that targeted their home in the Maghazi refugee camp, central Gaza Strip. They have been identified as Amr Tarek Hassan Kandil, Wael Nihad and Mohammad Tayseer Hassan Kandil. The medical source informed that the martyrs were directly hit by the rocket on their house.

This morning at dawn local sources reported the killing of 23 people in several Israeli attacks against residential buildings in the west of Rafah. There were also more than 40 people injured.

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Don’t buy it, make it: Charcoal briquette dehumidifier


Summer, with all its humid, hot glory, is just around the corner. If you have a section of your house, like the basement or the attic, that gets particularly damp during warmer weather, your home may be at risk for growing mold. One of the easiest solutions to help prevent dampness is a dehumidifier, but commercial dehumidifiers are pricey. Consider making your own dehumidifier with materials you likely already own.




Create a dehumidifier from charcoal briquettes


1. Find a suitable medium to large sized container with a lid, such as a coffee can, plastic container, painter’s bucket, etc.


2. Poke several holes in the lid of your container.  


3. Fill your container with a handful of charcoal briquettes, and voilà, a homemade, cheap dehumidifier! For the most humid areas of your home, set out multiple dehumidifiers.


4. Replace the charcoal briquettes every few months with new…

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Qassam: Missing soldier likely killed by Israeli shelling | Maan News Agency

Hamas’ military wing said early Saturday that it has no information on the whereabouts of the Israeli soldier missing in Gaza, and suggested that he had been killed by Israeli shelling.

The al-Qassam Brigades said in a statement that it had lost contact with a group of militants that could have captured a soldier amid clashes with Israeli troops early Friday.

“We lost contact with a group of fighters … when Israeli occupation forces penetrated east of Rafah. We suspect they were all killed by Israeli shelling, including the soldier, who, supposedly, was abducted by the group.”

The statement went on to explain Hamas’ understanding of the chronology of events that led to the collapse of the ceasefire on Friday.

“What happened east of Rafah Friday morning was that occupation forces took advantage of the alleged humanitarian ceasefire to penetrate our land for more than two kilometers. We estimate that our fighters who were in the area clashed with the Israeli troops around 7:00 before the alleged ceasefire went into effect.”

“Then, Israeli airstrikes and artillery shelling targeted Palestinian civilians after 10:00 a.m., breaching the ceasefire under the pretext of searching for a missing soldier.”

The account differs significantly from Israeli army statements about the collapse of the ceasefire.

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