Tim’s El Salvador Blog: Maura’s death and preventing more like it

Unfortunately, Maura’s story is all too familiar in El Salvador. A thousand or more people die on El Salvador’s roads each year. Through June 25, 454 persons had been killed in traffic accidents in El Salvador in 2014.   That is more than two per day.   Of those deaths, 247 people who died were pedestrians.   More than 3600 people have been injured.

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Israeli forces ‘blow up homes’ of Palestinian suspects | Maan News Agency

{“Guilt?” being Palestinian and relatives of two – suspects, not convicted people – this is democracy?}

The two houses, which are both located in the same neighborhood in northwest Hebron, belong to the families of Marwan al-Qawasmeh, 29, and Amer Abu Eisha, 33.

After Israeli forces in Halhul north of Hebron found three bodies presumed to be those of three Israeli teens who went missing on June 12, soldiers surrounded the houses, forcibly removed the families, and declared the area a closed military zone, locals said.

Witnesses said the homes were then blown up by explosives.

Locals had told Ma’an earlier that soldiers were preparing to demolish the homes.

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Spain’s unlikely squatters — New Internationalist

The Platform is best known for actively obstructing evictions. But it has also occupied 15 blocks of flats and countless more houses, specifically those owned by banks that were bailed out by the government.

It is negotiating for evicted homeowners to live there legally while paying ‘social’ rent – no more than a third of their income. So far, banks have acquiesced in two buildings.

The group reports that over a thousand Spaniards are now squatting these homes, including more than 300 children.

‘Spain has three million empty buildings – the most in Europe – and more than a million of them belong to the banks,’ says the Platform’s Gala Pin. ‘We don’t need to build more houses. We rescued the banks with our money – millions of euros of public money – and they have to give something back.’

Pressure from the Platform and its cohort of disgruntled citizens secured new social housing and mortgage relief laws last year. But the policies have largely been branded a failure. Of the more than 6,000 bank- owned properties given over to social housing under the new laws, as many as two-thirds remain empty because application conditions are so strict. Particularly galling is the clause that requires families to apply through the same financial entity that evicted them in the first place.

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Japan Moves to Permit Greater Use of Its Military – NYTimes.com


The new policy cannot go into effect until at least this autumn as Parliament must still clear legal barriers to broader military action by revising more than a dozen existing laws, experts and lawmakers said. However, with Mr. Abe’s governing coalition enjoying a comfortable majority in both houses, the change seems all but certain to become reality.

Still, even under the new policy, the Japanese military, called the Self-Defense Forces, will face strict limits that will allow it to act only when there is a “clear danger” to Japan or its people, and to use only “the minimum level of force necessary,” according to the text of the cabinet decision.

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Liberia: At Redemption Hospital – Fear Grips Nurses, Patients After Ebola Outbreak (Page 2 of 2)

“We have been working since the outbreak of Ebola here but the fear is there and you cannot erase that. Working has slow down because the patients are not coming like before. Some of the patients on beds before the outbreak also left,” one of the nurses stated.

According to them, patients are afraid of being admitted at the hospital.

The nurses said some residents of the community are allegedly engage into stigmatizing health workers at the hospital.

“Even if we are in our bus passing, they (residents) will be on the road calling us Ebola, Ebola and so, the patients themselves are not coming because they are afraid,” another nurse added.

Meanwhile, the nurses have called for more awareness to be made to help curtail the spread of Ebola in Liberia.

The nurses urged citizens to report cases of persons showing symptoms of the Ebola virus including constant vomiting, fever, amongst others to the hospital.

Prior to the outbreak of the Ebola virus, the Redemption Hospital provides free medical treatment to hundreds of patients on a daily basis.

Sometimes ago, the administration of the hospital called on the GOL and donor partners to help provide more beds to the hospital to help curtail the influx of patients.

But presently, most of the hospital beds are left unoccupied because patients are not seeking medical treatment there.

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Zhejiang bans urban live poultry trading – People’s Daily Online

{Personally, I am vegan but this is THE way to lower risk of this flu and new ones!}

Live poultry trading has been banned in urban areas of east China’s Zhejiang Province for good from Tuesday to control the spread of bird flu.

Zhejiang recorded a higher number of human cases of bird flu infections than any other province in 2013.

Many live poultry markets closed when a bird flu case was found. But markets reopened at a later date.

Fearing the spread of bird flu, Zhejiang has decided to completely close all live poultry markets in urban areas.

From now on, only dead and plucked poultry can be traded in urban markets, according to the provincial government.

Agricultural authorities in Zhejiang have begun to advocate standardized poultry cultivation so meat can be traced back to its producers.

Consumers are worried they may not be able to determine whether dead poultry was healthy, whereas they can when buying live poultry.

The authorities will also develop a process where poultry can be killed and plucked by machines on a large scale.

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LOOK: Yunnan rainstorms force teachers to carry students across raging river to school: Shanghaiist

Teachers from a primary school in Funing Country, Yunnan province act as human ferries, carrying multiple students across a raging river to class.

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Can you imagine students and teachers this motivated here in US today?

Queso gouda vegano

Queso gouda vegana Queso gouda vegano

Agregamos a nuestra lista de quesos el famoso gouda. Ideal para derretir en pizzas, bocadillos calientes y lasañas.

Receta para dos bloques de 220 grs cada uno.

200 grs de tofu, 2 patatas cocida, 2 cucharadas de margarina vegana, 1/4 taza leche soja, 1 cucharada aga-agar, 1 pizca de  pimiento rojo en polvo, 1 cucharada de mostaza, sal y  pimienta a gusto.

Preparación: en un bowl colocamos las patatas previamente cocida y el tofu. Trituramos con la minipimer. Le agregamos 1 pizca de pimiento rojo en polvo, 1 cucharada de moztasa, sal y la pimienta. Volvemos a triturar todo y reservamos. El una cacerola calentamos a fuego medio la leche con la margarina y cuando esta se derrita agregamos el agar-agar, siempre revolviendo. A los 6 minutos apagamos el fuego, juntamos la leche con el tofu y revolvemos nuevamente. Aceitamos los moldes y vertemos la mezcla en cada uno. Dejamos enfriar a…

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To Be A Christian In The “Islamic State”

Stories like this have been produced as propaganda forever and since it is based on a story from Assyrian International News Agency – I suspect disinformation. Ever since “Huns bayoneting Belgian children” posters during WWI, the “enemy” always commits unspeakable against children and women…

The Dish

Well, you may be able to imagine. Andrew Doran and Drew Bowling report on the plight of Mosul’s terrified Christians:

On June 23, the Assyrian International News Agency reported that ISIS terrorists entered the Iraqi Refugees in Erbilhome of a Christian family in Mosul and demanded that they pay the jizya (a tax on non-Muslims). According to AINA, “When the Assyrian family said they did not have the money, three ISIS members raped the mother and daughter in front of the husband and father. The husband and father was so traumatized that he committed suicide.”

Although few reports from ISIS-occupied Iraq can be corroborated, the group’s record of torture chambers, public executions, and crucifixions lends credibility to nightmarish accounts from the ground. Since the fall of Mosul, a litany of evils has replaced the liturgies of the Christians there: a young boy ripped from the arms of his parents as they ran from…

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