Promising Ebola Drugs Stuck in Lab Limbo as Outbreak Rages in Africa

{Although the writer is well respected using the term promising feeds doubts about regulations designed to keep people safe and researchers accountable. This is not just red tape for the sake of red tape. Years ago, a drug with great promise was released and “oops” babies with deformed arms and legs were being born. Just a few years ago, a widely prescribed drug was found to “oops” increase the likelihood of strokes and was withdrawn. Research at U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland is done to protect members of the military from disease in areas of the world where they may be asked to serve. If they had }

Yet, some experimental therapies and vaccines show promise. Some show excellent efficacy when given to nonhuman primates deliberately infected with the virus.

Of the experimental vaccines, most work only to protect against infection. But one—designed by scientists from the Public Health Agency of Canada in conjunction with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland—protected half of the animals injected with lethal amounts of Ebola virus when administered 30 minutes post exposure.

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Emory Healthcare to treat Ebola patient |

Agence France-Presse interviewed Dr. Peter Piot, a discoverer of the virus and head of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who said there was little risk of pandemic.

“Spreading in the population here, I’m not that worried about it,” he told AFP.

“I wouldn’t be worried to sit next to someone with Ebola virus on the Tube as long as they don’t vomit on you or something,” he said, referring to London’s underground train system. “This is an infection that requires very close contact.” (if this is as true, as we are led to believe, then how did well trained and outfitted people contract the disease – including top doctor who had treated 100 patients – all knowing they had to take extreme precautions)

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Give away US Birthrights? – Proposed Oregon LNG project gets blessing of U.S. DOE to export natural gas from Warrenton |

So, folks want to sell US natural gas to countries not on good terms with US so they can make a profit, cause gas prices to go up in US and…? Just like Keystone notion.

The U.S. Department of Energy has conditionally authorized a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal near the mouth of the Columbia River in Warrenton to export natural gas to countries that do not have a free trade agreement with the United States.

The DOE authorization is important to the backers of the Oregon LNG project in Warrenton because it opens the possibility of selling gas to lucrative markets in Asia, such as Japan, China and India.

The controversial project still needs to navigate a complicated permitting process at the federal, state and local levels before it can break ground. DOE conditioned the authorization on Oregon LNG’s completion of its environmental review process with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. But the project has other hurdles. Clatsop County, for example, has refused to provide zoning approvals for its feeder pipeline, and that could pose permitting problems at the state level if the county’s decision is not overturned by the Oregon Court of Appeals.

The DOE has the authority to authorize export of the commodity and has approved all applications it has reviewed to date, including a similar terminal in Coos Bay. Studies sponsored by the agency have concluded that gas exports will provide a net economic gain for the United States, though those gains are concentrated among gas producers and companies in the supply chain.

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Greece moves to open coast for development (

Greece to sell it soul, heritage and future for a few bucks now! The government introduced a bill that will facilitate permanent construction on beaches for commercial purposes, while making it possible for businesses to pay fines to legalise unlicensed construction.

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WHO, West African countries launching emergency plan to combat Ebola | News | DW.DE | 31.07.2014

Finally getting really serious (after key doctor died, two Americans died and one still fighting for life)

The response identifies the need for “several hundred more personnel” to be deployed to affected regions in order to ease the strain on medical facilities, the WHO said, appealing to donor countries for clinical doctors and nurses, epidemiologists and logisticians.

It aims to stop the transmission of Ebola by boosting disease surveillance, particularly in border areas, protecting health workers from infection and doing a better job of informing communities about the virus.

“The plan sets out new needs to respond to the outbreak across the countries and bring up the level of preparedness in neighboring countries,” said WHO spokesman Paul Garwood. “They need better information and infection-control measures.”

Travel warning (Everyone in area had been resisting travel warnings to not harm income from tourists)

The severity of the epidemic prompted the US government on Thursday to issue travel warnings to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Tom Frieden said the outbreak “represents a potential risk to travelers.”

The CDC is also sending 50 extra specials to affected areas, he added.

Sierra Leone declared a state of emergency Thursday and called on troops to quarantine Ebola victims, joining neighbor Liberia in implementing strict government controls.

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GOP Blocks Tax Hike on Firms Moving Overseas

Republican senators blocked an election-year bill Wednesday to limit tax breaks for U.S. companies that move operations overseas.

The bill would have prohibited companies from deducting expenses related to moving their operations to a foreign country. It also would have offered tax credits to companies that move operations to the U.S. from a foreign country.

The Senate voted 54-42 to end debate on the bill, six short of the 60 votes needed to advance it. The White House says President Barack Obama supports the legislation.

“Today in the United States, any time an American company closes a factory or plant in America and moves operations to another country, the American taxpayers pick up part of that moving bill,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. “Frankly, a vote against this bill is a vote against American jobs.”

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Cincinnati – everything happens 10-20 years later there – Mark Twain



The world is changing faster than ever, so fast,

In one hundred years faster than before our world began.

It does not grow or get bigger as more people and things are created,

We can’t escape what we have done between the good and bad.

Where would we go when there is no more room to roam,

Run fast and run far to nowhere in panicked crowds of doom.

Everything is closing in with no place to hide, land and sky,

Where would we go if ever anger grows to a point of no return.

The changing environment is a chain reaction throughout the lands,

When will we worry that we are at natures mercy, food supplies of no control.

Where would we go when there is nowhere to go?

Keith Garrett

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Healcrest TeaPops Now at East End Food Coop! Join Us THIS Sunday for a Delicious Sampling Event!

Healcrest Urban Farm


IMG_3268We are VERY excited to bring our artisanal TeaPops to the East End Food Coop! Now you can enjoy individual pops for your immediate refreshment needs, as well as, take home a variety pack of 3 different flavors.

Enjoy our Tea Favorites variety pack complete with two each Nettle Vanilla Ice, Bergamot Creme, and PGH’s favorite, Coconut Chai. Also enjoy our Summer Season Variety Pack including 2 each Cherry Calendula, Nectarine + Tulsi (holy Basil), and Cucumber Cilantro Lime. All deliciously refreshing and comforting whatever the mood or weather.

This new market is a BIG one for us! Many of us shop at, have volunteered, or been employed by the coop for years. We have a long personal relationship with the Coop and its members and it is such a pleasure and a personal achievement…

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Gaza death toll surpasses that of Cast Lead as count hits 1,422 | Maan News Agency

YOU CAN STOP NOW – YOU PASSED YOUR MARK FOR KILLING INNOCENTS ON ONE OPERATION! The Palestinian death toll in the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza surpassed that of Operation Cast Lead on Thursday as the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli attacks hit 1,422.

In the most recent lethal Israeli attack, an airstrike hit Khan Younis, killing 21-year-old Mohammad Yusef Abadla, health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said.

According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, 1,417 Palestinians were killed during Israel’s infamous three-week offensive on Gaza in 2008-2009.

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BBC News – Israel ‘to destroy’ Hamas Gaza tunnels – Netanyahu

You do not – you do not have to level cities to disable or destroy tunnels – think again and stop the bombing and needless killing of civilians!

“I won’t agree to any proposal that will not enable the Israeli military to complete this important task for the sake of Israel’s security,” Mr Netanyahu said.

The tunnels would allow Hamas to “abduct and murder civilians and IDF soldiers while simultaneously attacking from the tunnels penetrating our territory,” he added.

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