A Republican World – ‘More GOP Voter Fraud – This Time Its ‘Representative Beefcake’

The Last Of The Millenniums


‘Time and again, when real cases of voter fraud pop up, the majority of cases are found to be people affiliated with the GOP’.

‘Representative Beefcake has tendered his resignation in the wake of the revelation. It is not yet known if he will not pursue office in Ohio’.

‘Representative Mike Hope of Washington’.

‘This card-carrying member of the GOP registered to vote in Ohio after he decided on relocating to the rust belt back in 2013’.

‘This is just the beginning of the trouble for the man some called ‘Representative Beefcake’ after modeling photographs of him were released last year’.

‘Now that his Ohio registration was discovered, he is facing a series of penalties, including the possibility of having to pay back his salary as a state representative as it is illegal for a person to represent a district they are not registered to vote in’.

‘Due to his…

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