West Africa Ebola outbreak total tops 1,000 | CIDRAP

As 67 new Ebola virus disease (EVD) illnesses in Sierra Leone and Liberia pushed the outbreak total to 1,048 cases, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned about the risk of virus transmission from wildlife, especially fruit bats.

Along with new infections, 19 more deaths were reported in Sierra Leone and Liberia, raising the fatality count to 632, according to a Jul 19 update from the World Health Organization (WHO) that covers new cases reported from Jul 15 to Jul 17.

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Ancient Christian population of Mosul flees Islamic State | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR

The ancient Christian community of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul had all but fled by Saturday, ending a presence stretching back nearly two millennia after radical Islamists set them a midday deadline to submit to Islamic rule or leave.

The ultimatum by the Islamic State drove out the few hundred Christians who had stayed on when the group’s hardline Sunni Muslim fighters overran Mosul a month ago, threatening Christians and the diverse city’s other religious communities.

This week the Islamic State gave any remaining Christians a final choice to make by Saturday noon: convert to Islam, pay a religious tax, or face the sword.

A Catholic bishop from Mosul told Reuters that 150 Christian families had left in recent days and church leaders had advised the few families who wanted to negotiate with militants that they should also flee for their own safety.

The Christians described their flight as a historic loss.

“We have lived in this city and we have had a civilisation for thousands of years – and suddenly some strangers came and expelled us from our homes,” said a woman in her 60s who fled on Friday for Hamdaniya, a mainly Christian town controlled by Kurdish security forces to the southeast of Mosul.

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Ebola: [New] Updated Charts

Excellent snapshot

Mens et Manus

Last Update: 16 July 2014 [Charts]
Current Update:
18 July 2014 [Data Source]

ebola_history_LCR_7.21ebola_history_CFR_7.21epicurve_country_7.21cuma_epicurve_country_7.21epicurve_all_7.21cuma_epicurve_all_7.21Historical Data Sources:
[1] World Health Organization. Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Zaire, 1976. Report of an International Convention. Bulletin of the World Health Organization. 1978;56(2):271-293.
[2] World Health Organization. Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Sudan, 1976. Report of a WHO/International Study Team. Bulletin of the World Health Organization. 1978;56(2):247-270.
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[6] Le Guenno B, Formenty P, Wyers M, et al. Isolation and partial…

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Rick Perry (who wants to run for President again) to Deploy 1,000 National Guard Troops to the Border – The Wire

Perry hinted at his plans on Sunday during a trip to Iowa. “If the federal government does not do its constitutional duty to secure the Southern border of the United States, the state of Texas will do it,” Perry said, according to The Washington Post.

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Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Three Women in Kabul

It is very painful when I have to pay the rent on our house and the markets are too expensive. I have six children and I am the leader of my family. My husband is ill and has had two operations.

My wish during Ramadan is that God save our people from illness, sadness, and poverty.

We Don’t Have Food to Eat

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CENSORED NEWS: Apartheid Israeli company receives US border mega contract

In a shocking development, Homeland Security has given the $145 million border security contract to the Israeli Apartheid contractor Elbit Systems. The Israeli security contract is set to begin on the Arizona border and span eight years. The area includes the Tohono O’odham Nation.

Currently, over the objections of grassroots Tohono O’odham, the US is constructing more new US spy towers around the homes of O’odham on the western side of the Tohono O’odham Nation, according to O’odham who live there.

The Homeland Security contract to Israelis comes just after another Israeli contractor, BrightSource Energy, built the mega solar project in the Mojave desert. Obama touted the solar project as an American dream and proof of a recovering economy — without revealing that it was constructed by an Israeli company.

Meanwhile in Palestine, Elbit Systems, an Israeli defense contractor, is responsible for the Apartheid security surrounding Palestine.

US spy cameras pointed at traditional O’odham home

on Tohono O’odham Nation

Censored News photo

On the Tohono O’odham Nation, these spy towers, and spy cameras on agents vehicles, are pointed at O’odham homes on Tohono O’odham land, (as shown in photos here.) In Arizona communities like Arivaca, the previous spy towers were also pointed at homes, not at the US border.

The elected Tohono O’odham government — in its deals with the US government — has granted access to the US for these spy towers, according to council resolutions.

The Tohono O’odham has also granted expanded land for US Border Patrol camps, even though it is widely known that the US Border Patrol agents are running drugs and escorting the cartel loads across the border. The Tohono O’odham government, as revealed in council resolutions, is also accepting funding from the US for controversial programs like Operation Stone Garden targeting migrants, which is protested by human rights groups.

As for the US spy towers on the border, the US already spent $1 billion on spy towers in Arizona that Homeland Security said did not work. Most ten-year-olds with a computer could have told them their wi-fi would not penetrate the fortress like mountains of the Arizona border.

Speaking on Palestine, Russell Means, Lakota, said, “Every policy the Palestinians are now enduring was practiced on the American Indian,” Means said. “What the American Indian Movement says is that the American Indians are the Palestinians of the United States, and the Palestinians are the American Indians of the Middle East,” Means said. Further, he points out that the Zionists who control Israel now control the United States. “The power of the US in world politics diminishes every day.”

Meanwhile, why does the US need to give Israelis $145 million to build more spy towers and have access to sovereign Tohono O’odham land?

During the construction of the $1 billion boondoggle of spy towers that did not work on the US Mexico border, Boeing subcontracted Elbit Systems. In the beginning, the secrecy was exposed when Arizona residents began asking why there were Israelis riding around on off terrain vehicles along the Arizona border.

The increased US Mexico border security is even more bizarre when one considers the number of US Border Patrol agents being arrested and convicted for drug smuggling. At the Arizona border, Border Patrol agents escort the cartels through with their loads. The Border Patrol agents also serve as “spotters” for the cartels to bring the drug loads through. Hundreds of Border Patrol agents, and ICE agents, have been arrested and convicted, according to testimony before Congress.

Further, the US satellite photos are as clear as if someone was standing there with a camera. In other words, the US knows exactly who is running drugs and the location of everyone involved.

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Rapes can only be prevented if gods come down from heaven: UP governor – The Times of India

Former chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav earlier said rapes were “minor mistakes committed by youngsters” and that laws sending rapists to the gallows must be quashed.

After last week’s rape and murder in Lucknow that caused considerable outrage, the Samajwadi Party chief attributed growing crimes against women to the rising population.

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His brother and PWD minister Shivpal Singh Yadav later endorsed his views.

Asked about the failing law and order after the Badaun incident, where two minor girls were gang-raped and then hung from a tree, chief minister Akhilesh Yadav had snapped at a woman reporter: “You are safe… so why rake up the question?”

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It’s not just guys running for US Senate that are dumb about rape – it’s politicians the world over. Get with the new program guys – it’s called human rights!

One Hillsboro family, 4 boxers, all Olympic hopefuls: Team Estrada | OregonLive.com

From left, Eric, 17, Diana, 15, Omar, 12, Efrain Jr., 19, Salud, and Efrain — Team Estrada in their driveway workout facility. The Estrada Diaz children in Hillsboro are making their way into the amateur boxing limelight. Efrain Jr., 19, Diana, 15, Eric, 17, and Omar, 12 started boxing as youngsters and now fill glass cases in their living room with championship belts and medals. With their parents as coaches, the sport has truly become a family affair. Benjamin Brink/Staff Photographer

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