8 powerful reasons why Butler-Sloss cannot head the VIP child abuse inquiry

Pride's Purge

(not satire)

Here are 8 extremely compelling reasons why Baroness Butler-Sloss should stand down as head of the inquiry into allegations of child abuse by politicians and other powerful figures:

1) Child abuse survivors say Butler-Sloss is the wrong person for the job.

2) Prominent campaigners also say Butler-Sloss is the wrong person for the job.

3) Butler-Sloss would have to investigate her own brother who has been accused of covering up the identities of VIP paedophiles.

4) As a member of the House of Lords, Butler-Sloss is too much an entrenched part of the same establishment she would have to be investigating.

5) Butler-Sloss has herself been accused of trying to hide the identities of church leaders accused of child abuse.

6) Butler-Sloss has openly stated she believes leaders and heads of state should have “sovereign immunity” in the courts.

7) At 81, Butler-Sloss is simply too old to carry out…

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Things of the Past #agriculture #dpchallenge #drought

penned in moon dust

oiled plows

turned the ground

anticipating harvest

 Once full of life

wheat fields clapped their hands

cattle gossiped in the stalls

tractors slowed traffic

we rose before the sun

greeting the day’s challenge

rusty hinges no longer squeak

children no longer milk cows

our food is imported

The prompt for the daily post photo challenge is Relic.

I used to look upon rusty, dilapidated farms as romantic. I anticipated the change of new metal barns and air-conditioned John Deere tractors. While I lived in the agricultural center of California, I never anticipated the return of the land to desert where nothing  grows and a lye/ salt makes it impossible to grow anything but sage brush.  There is an abundance of uncultivated sagebrush land. The United States has been reliant for up to 90 percent  produce (from California) including cotton, citrus, dairy, fruit, vegetables, nuts, grapes…). The land (even with water)…

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Dust Clouds from the Sahara Over Cuba

It brings more than dust – microphages hitch a ride to infect corals and???

Repeating Islands

saharan dust air layer

Since the beginning of July, Cuba has experienced a significant presence of dust clouds coming from the Sahara desert, Granma reported today.

In the evening, the sky has a milky tone while the capital is covered by an atypical fog. Physicist Eugenio Mojena said the condition would continue over the next days.

The mass of hot, dry and dusty air will maintain temperatures high in the national territory, with a reduction of summer rains in the afternoon hours, said an expert from the Forecast Center of the Institute of Meteorology.

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