Islands In The Stream: The battle for the soul of Bimini

Repeating Islands


Bimini, the island in the Bahamas beloved by Hemingway, is at war with a Malaysian consortium planning a large-scale development. And it is a battle which is turning the islanders against each other, Harriet Alexander reports for London’s Telegraph.

It is the paradise retreat where Ernest Hemingway set his novel Islands In The Stream – a place so relaxing and unspoilt that the author described it as being “like the end of the world”.

Bimini, the smallest habitable island in theBahamas, may be only 50 miles off the coast of Florida, but its 2,000 inhabitants have resisted the onslaught of mass tourism – preferring to attract a small, elite clientele of divers, big-game fishermen, and Caribbean connoisseurs of Hemingway’s ilk.

But now the once sleepy seafaring community is under threat. A Malaysian consortium has won approval to start bringing up to 500,000 tourists a year to a…

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