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✫ So funny! How to recognize the artists of paintings.

✫Hannah Metz at home in Brooklyn.

✫All of the books referenced on Orange is the New Black. And here’s their tumblr: booksofoitnb.

✫ As usual, Jason Silva philosophizing in the most enthusiastic of ways xD “Love as the romantic solution to the problem of death”.

✫10 Things I’ve learned about trauma by Catherine Woodiwiss. So good. A crucial point that I’ve come to learn myself through experience is number 3 Healing is seasonal, not linear.

✫8 indoor herbs that purify the air.

✫ I don’t have instagram, but these projects sound fun: Gala’s Radical Self Love Challenge (starts July 1st), and Veronica’s How to do a Peepshow: 30 Day Challenge.

✫The True Self contains good & evil, upright & averse by iao131. I’m not a Thelemite but many of the teachings resonate with me, love this article!

✫ I’m so doing this: DIY geometric favor boxes. Reminds me of Zonko’s and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.

✫ DIY washi tape your notebooks and pencils.

✫ How Marilyn Monroe stayed in shape.

✫ Carl Jung’s letter to James Joyce after Jung reviewed Ulysses is so adorable! “I also don’t know whether you will enjoy what I have written about Ulysses because I couldn’t help telling the world how much I was bored[…] The 40 pages of non stop run at the end is a string of veritable psychological peaches. I suppose the devil’s grandmother knows so much about the real psychology of a woman, I didn’t” ahahaha! Oh gosh these two!

✫ Aw! Mayim Bialik: Being a scientist is as cre

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