WHO DON on 113 Previously Unreported KSA MERS Cases, Visualized

Mens et Manus

The WHO released a DON shedding a little bit of light on the 113 previously unreported KSA MERS cases this morning. Though we still don’t have access to case-by-case data, it’s much better than nothing!

One VERY important detail – apparently, only 34 of the 113 previously unreported KSA MERS cases ended in death… But when the 113 cases were first announced a few weeks ago, 92 previously unreported deaths were announced as well. What this means is that there are 58 deaths that remain unaccounted – and that they most likely occurred in cases that were previously reported. Unfortunately, that leaves us with a really significant margin of error when it comes to comparing pre/post-outbreak case-fatality… And throws the simulations I posted a while back out the window. Thankfully, I’m working with David Fisman, Caitlin Rivers, Ashleigh Tuite, & Eric Lofgren on a study right…

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