Chennai children sing for peace – The Hindu

On the occasion of World Music Day, students from city schools – both private and Chennai Corporation-run institutions — are singing to promote harmony and peace.

On Saturday, will have school students and professionals sing across the city. Beginning 6 a.m. at Gandhi statue in Marina beach, there will be performances through the day at PSBB School in T. Nagar, Citi Centre Mall and Narada Gana Sabha. “Around 250-300 children will participate and we want to pass on these ideals to the next generation,” said musician K.N. Shashikiran. There is also an event in the evening at Narada Gana Sabha.

On Friday, 500 children sang folk, classical and semi-classical songs at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Anil Srinivasan, musician and founder of Rhapsody Music Foundation, said, “The idea is to bring communities together, to see music as an educational tool and not just as art.”

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