Chennai children sing for peace – The Hindu

On the occasion of World Music Day, students from city schools – both private and Chennai Corporation-run institutions — are singing to promote harmony and peace.

On Saturday, will have school students and professionals sing across the city. Beginning 6 a.m. at Gandhi statue in Marina beach, there will be performances through the day at PSBB School in T. Nagar, Citi Centre Mall and Narada Gana Sabha. “Around 250-300 children will participate and we want to pass on these ideals to the next generation,” said musician K.N. Shashikiran. There is also an event in the evening at Narada Gana Sabha.

On Friday, 500 children sang folk, classical and semi-classical songs at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Anil Srinivasan, musician and founder of Rhapsody Music Foundation, said, “The idea is to bring communities together, to see music as an educational tool and not just as art.”

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“Hunting Street Children and Shooting Them Like Dogs” is NOT the Solution! – Egyptian Streets

I agree with you on one thing: a need for a government to show bravery. But, Sir, we are not cavemen, neither are we Nazi’s. Bravery must be shown by our governments in admitting they have not got the first clue on how to solve the problems that lead children to the street. They must be humble in admitting they need help from professional researchers and NGO staff to get together and find out what’s leading the children to the streets, why they stay there and they must be brave in investing money to trial solutions of monitored alternative care where families have abused their children out of their homes! This Mr Op-Ed writer is a far braver solution.

Below are a couple of photos of some of the street children I have met, none of them have committed crimes, none have raped anyone, none have HIV/AIDS, none are stealing anyone’s jobs. Does your suggestion for brave measures include ‘fishing’ and ‘shooting’ these little ones? Or will the cute ones escape the executioner?

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Debunking The Republican Iraq War Liars – ‘Iraq Vet Blasts Romney and Iraq Revisionists With Damning Letter’

The Last Of The Millenniums

jim wright1

jim wright2

Jim Wright writes a long rant and a great one but I’ve only included a very small part.

Seems someone is ripping him off to make money.

Since I make no $$ form my blog and always give credit, I have no problem reposting.

Again a great rant by an Iraq Veteran Jim Wright.

‘Here’s the piece originally written by Jim Wright for the Stonkette Station’:

“Tragically, all we’vefought for in Iraq, all that 4,500 American lives were shed to gain, is on the cusp, potentially, of vanishing”.

– Mitt Romney, “Ideas Summit,” 6/13/2014

“All we fought for in Iraq is on the cusp of vanishing.

That’s what Mitt Romney says”.

“We fought for. We fought for. We“.

“Oh, so it’s wenow, is it, Mitt”?


“I must have missed you over there, but it was a busy place. We. The guy who helped…

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White Bus Driver Concocted Attack by Black Youths in Dayton | Hatewatch

The department conducted extensive ballistics testing on the gun at the police academy on April 10. Investigators acquired eight copies of “The Message.” The bus company supplied several uniform shirts similar to the one Wagoner wore that day. Over and over lab techs fired bullets from the .25-caliber semiautomatic pistol gun into the shirt, the book and a gel substance simulating the effect of bullets ripping into a human body. Each time the result was the same. There was no miracle. The bullets traveled 15 inches into the gel, according to the Dayton Daily News.

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Stephanie Kwolek, inventor of Kevlar, died – RIP

Police Lt. David Spicer took four .45-caliber slugs to the chest and arms at point-blank range and lived to tell about it. Like thousands of other police officers and soldiers shot in the line of duty, he owes his life to a woman in Delaware by the name of


Kwolek, who died Wednesday at 90, was a DuPont Co. chemist who in 1965 invented Kevlar, the lightweight, stronger-than-steel fiber used in bulletproof vests and other body armor around the world.

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The Adlieh Detention Center: A Living Hell

Not the only nation to abuse expatriate workers but I always expected better from Lebanon and hope someday soon my expectations will be met by a new reality…

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The Adlieh Detention Center The Adlieh Detention Center

“I fell down on my knees, covering my eyes from the bright sunlight that I didn’t see for 12 months, 12 months! Can you imagine!? And the fresh air.” That’s how one migrant described his release from the General ‘Security’ Detention Center in Adlieh. Barbaric would be an apt description of the Adlieh center, a location many of us pass by on a daily basis. Heartless, cruel, unfair, unjust, repulsive. You take your pick.

Formerly an underground parking lot, this detention center is now the home of around 800 migrant workers, refugees and asylum seekers – the detention center’s capacity is 250. According to the Lebanese Center for Human Rights (CLDH), “migrants, asylum seekers and refugees are detained illegally in an underground parking lot where they never see the sunlight and suffer terrible detention conditions for sometimes very prolonged periods of time, with the aim to either punish them…

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Getting Assaulted By A Taxi Driver in Beirut

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

It was Sunday June 15th, a few hours before starting my final year of medicine, as I headed to the graduation dinner of colleagues at my university. I took the unfortunate decision to go to the location by a “service,” or the cheap fare for taxis in Beirut. The place was within walkable distance on any given day but I was borderline suited up and it was June in Beirut.

The taxi picked up a 25 year old guy who wanted to go to “Hotel Dieu” and drove onwards. He dropped me off next to Banque Byblos on Achrafieh’s main road, facing Sofil, and I gave him 20,000.

That was mistake #1.

The moment he saw the bill, he started barraging me about how I hadn’t told him that I had such a huge bill with me. I looked at him and replied: “it’s just 20,000. What would you have…

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