Egyptian Aak 2014 – Week 23 ( June2 – June 8)


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Plot to take over UK schools by followers of hard-line fundamentalist Michael Gove


Pride's Purge


Militant extremists from Department for Education in shocking plot to take over UK schools

An alleged plot to take over some schools in the UK and make them adhere to more fundamentalist principles espoused by the radical hard-line zealot Michael Gove is being investigated, it has emerged.

The National Association of Head Teachers said it had received some anonymous letters in February which claimed that a shadowy extremist Conservative group known as the ‘DfE‘ (Department for Education) was trying to take over UK schools and engineer the sacking of head teachers who did not promote the hard-line radical organisation’s fundamentalist ideals.

A spokesperson for the Home Office said the Home Secretary Theresa May was working night and day and doing everything in her power to eradicate the threat from militant supporters of Gove and was actively exploring ways to deport the head of the ‘DfE’ from the cabinet to prevent him becoming leader of the Conservative Party…

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California Chrome Injured Out Of The Gate At Belmont And There Went History.

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#3 Matterhorn stepped on California Chrome out of the gate.

California Chrome Belmont Start

California Chrome Belmont Injury

If you don’t think this hurt think again. This poor horse was running on three legs instead of four.

But all of us in the horse racing business know that anything can happen in a race. On this occasion though it is more than sad because this injury alone could have cost California Chrome history.

Imagine a chunk getting taken out your heel down to the bone. Could you run a mile and a half? or a few yards for that matter. You know these horses are made out of flesh and blood like us.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the pain this horse withstood throughout the race was horrendous. I now pray it doesn’t turn out to be a quarter crack which can get quite serious.

And say what you will about owner Steve Coburn, NBC’s antics…

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Dutty Tribal Politics

Jamaica Woman Tongue

images Damion Crawford

Damion Crawford’s “unfortunate” apology is quite inadequate. He takes no responsibility for his words. He “got carried away”. I suppose he was possessed by evil spirits (both JLP and PNP) and ended up speaking in tongues: “Yuh suppose to can look pon a man an” sey a PNP dat enuh, or yuh look pon a woman an’ sey a PNP dat. Some a unnu haffi have on orange fi wi know, cause unnu lifestyle come een like a dutty Labourite.”

11084282-two-cute-cows-and-three-sheep-on-pasture-with-a-wooden-fence-and-landscape-in-background-1Under the influence of the spirits, Crawford highlights a problem that is particularly troubling for politicians who can never be sure exactly how many sheep they have in their pen. Jamaican voters are a slick crew. They follow you up and down on the campaign trial. They wear your T-shirts. They eat and drink with you and, behind, they don’t just ‘susu pon you’, as Bob Marley warned…

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Cyclist Killed By Hit & Run Driver In Queens : Gothamist

A cyclist and a pedestrian were both killed on North Conduit Avenue yesterday morning, their deaths coming around three miles and five hours apart. According to an NYPD release, 50-year-old Wayne White was killed by a hit and run driver as he biked west on North Conduit Avenue at around 5 a.m.. Police told the Daily News that the car struck White from behind and then fled the scene.

An NYPD spokesman said the driver is still at large. White lives roughly a mile from where he was killed.

In a study of 628 cycling fatalities nationwide from 2011 through 2013 [PDF], the League of American Bicyclists found that 40% of the cyclists killed were rear-ended; 88% of the drivers who killed the cyclists walked free.

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Indian minister says rapes happen ‘accidentally’ | News , International | THE DAILY STAR

{Seems there are stupid and biased men in power all over the globe – who also don’t know enough to just shut it!}

Politicians also came under fire after the fatal gang-rape in Delhi in 2012, a crime that angered the nation and shone a global spotlight on India’s treatment of women.

Several politicians have sought to blame tight jeans, short skirts and other Western influences for the country’s rise in rapes, while the head of a village council pointed to chowmein which he claimed led to hormone imbalances among men.

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