MERS in KSA: Age Distribution

Age alone seems a huge factor and any health challenges already existing – double down!

Mens et Manus

Last week, I took another (more informed) shot at exploring the relationship between comorbidity and mortality among MERS cases – both during this spring’s outbreak and prior to it. I ended the post by promising further insight into two potential confounders – age & sex. We’ll start our discussion on age here today… But I present the following information with a very important caveat. Earlier this week, 113 previously unannounced cases (and 92 deaths) were added to the KSA MERS tally – but we don’t know much about them yet. Because of this, I couldn’t include these newly reported cases in the analysis below; when we learn more about them, I’ll revisit and revise as necessary. The situation is constantly changing and what we think we know now may be flipped on its head come the morning!

With this in mind, let’s now take a closer look at the age…

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