{Money and Reputation (money) before Humanity!} Williams Is the Latest College Accused of Mishandling Rape – The Wire

Brackenridge writes that when she was a 17-year-old freshman at Williams, she was raped by a 21-year-old hockey player at the school. He was ultimately found guilty of sexual assault by an administrative panel and suspended for three semesters. Williams will likely allow him to come back to campus this fall. In light of this, Brackenridge questions the advice Williams deans gave her when she first reported the assault to the administration. She says that the deans “explicitly encouraged me not to seek legal action, asserting that it would be a bureaucratic nightmare and that they, as the College, had my best interests in mind.”

In addition to facing her attackers re-admittance, Brackenridge says she suffered severe harassment from other hockey players on campus, which she says the administration ignored: “In one instance, they surrounded me, threw full beer cans at my head and chanted that I should have kept my mouth shut. When I spoke to the deans about the incident, I was told that everyone was ‘exhausted’ from dealing with the case and that perhaps it would be better if we all just ‘took a little break.’ Members of the men’s hockey team and my rapist’s friends continued to harass me for months on campus. I received no ‘break.'”

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