The importance of celebrating IDAHOT in Lebanon

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idahot event

To speak of fighting homophobia in Lebanon might strike as an odd thing to do for some of you. After all, what decency might be found in some parts of Lebanon, mostly in and around Beirut, is dwarfed by the overwhelming discrimination suffered in the rest of the country.

The Current Situation

Lebanon’s LGBTIQ population can be legally targeted under the now-notorious Article 534 which states that sexual relations “contradicting the laws of nature” are punishable offenses. Of course, anyone with a basic understanding of sexuality knows that there is absolutely nothing unnatural about homosexuality. There is literally not a single evidence suggesting so, and a mountain of evidence suggesting the opposite.

In fact, that’s exactly what a judge ruled on January 28th 2014. When an unnamed transgender woman was accused of having sex with a man, Judge Naji El Dahdad of Jdeide Court rejected the case, stating that:

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