A Republican World – ‘Nebraska Senate Nominee Says Religious Beliefs Can Justify Breaking Any Law’

Sassy statements to appeal to knee jerk thoughts – hollow and callow.

The Last Of The Millenniums



We are a society.

We are not a ‘christian’ society. Nor a Jewish society nor an atheist society.

We are a society.

Religion is your belief…not everyone’s law.

We ALL have a Constitution…..You have YOUR Bible.

“[O]ur right to the free exercise of religion is co-equal to our right to life,” according to the campaign website of Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican who won his party’s nomination to the United States Senate on Tuesday’.

‘Here’s a screenshot of the relevant part of Sasse’s website’:


‘His proposed rule — that government cannot require someone to act counter to their religious beliefs “under any circumstances” — would mean that literally any law could be ignored by someone who held a religious belief counter to that law’.

‘According to National Geographic, for example,“[h]undreds, if not thousands, of women are murdered by their families each year in the name of family ‘honor,’”

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Avian Flu Diary: RIVM On 2nd Dutch MERS Case

Second MERS -patient in the Netherlands

Publication Date:15-05-2014

Today, May 15, 2014, is a second Dutch patients infected with the MERS coronavirus identified. The woman is a relative of the man who is diagnosed with yesterday. She also has become contaminated during the same trip to Saudi Arabia. She is listed in Isala Zwolle and nursed in strict isolation. Her health condition is stable. All the people who have had contact with the patient are mapped by the health department. These people’s health condition is monitored.

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FCC approves plan to allow for paid priority on Internet

(No way – you gonna make us pay – the uproar that is about to descend upon you should be no surprise – but your majority is too disconnected with reality to understand that until the wave washes over you!)

The plan, approved in a three-to-two vote along party lines, could unleash a new economy on the Web where an Internet service provider such as Verizon would charge a Web site such as Netflix for the guarantee of flawless video streaming.

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Shinzo Abe reveals plans to lift Japan’s ban on fighting in conflicts overseas | World news | theguardian.com

(Wonder how long it would take him to come to South Korea’s assistance to quell disruptions and help defend against North Korean aggression – and then declare that the unified Korea wanted to become part of a Greater Japan – while claiming to not be waging war)

Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has announced plans to lift the country’s ban on fighting in conflicts overseas – a move that is certain to raise tensions with China and anger voters at home.

Abe called for a review of the way Japan interprets its pacifist constitution, to allow its military to participate in conflicts beyond its borders for the first time since the end of the second world war.

In an apparent attempt to address concerns in Chin and other parts of Asia where memories of Japan’s wartime conduct remain strong, he said Japan would never again become “a country that wages war”.

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