Puerto Rico to Closes Schools Due To Declining Student Population

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EFE reports the troubles Puerto Rico is having, due to the cash-strapped government. Now the island has been forced to close about 100 public schools in response to the 40 percent decline in its student population over the past three decades.

Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla in his budget message for the coming fiscal year announced a reorganization plan for the education sector with which he expects to save more than $90 million. He justified the measure by emphasizing the need to adjust to the island’s new demographic reality, given that over the past few decades its student population has been declining both due to aging and the exodus of Puerto Ricans to the U.S. mainland in search of better opportunities.

Puerto Rico at the end of the 1980s had a student population of 716,000 in its public schools, but that number currently stands at 430,000, according to figures provided by…

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