How You Are God, the Universe Is Friendly … From Solipsism to Transpersonal Reality: Transpersonal Perspective, Part Three — Experience Is Divine

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I Am You, and You Are Me, and We Are We, and We Are All Together: The Radical Rational View of Us and It and the Basis of the Belief of Non-Separation


From Solipsism to Transpersonal Reality

I Exist

Everything that we say exists is dependent upon our subjective experience of it. So all we really can know exists for sure is a subjective experience of anything. Beyond that, the proposing of anything else as existing is pure speculation. So essentially all that we can know to exist is experiencethat which is, in any particular moment, for oneself—the perceiver or receptor of experience.

This is solipsism, pure and simple of course. But it is the best place of all to start. As W. T. Stace wrote, “The initial position of every mind must be solipsistic,” and further, that while continued investigation might eventually lead to “very…

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