Ebola epidemic not yet over, says MSF

“We remain vigilant and cannot say that the outbreak is over, as we continue to see new confirmed patients and are continuing to provide care for the patients who remain in treatment centres,”   said Marc Poncin, emergency coordinator for MSF in Guinea. “Tracing the people who have had contact with known patients remains an key ongoing task.”

Bringing an Ebola outbreak under control requires close collaboration with the affected populations, which can be challenging.

“We have to remember that this is a new disease for Guineans, and that there remains significant fear and stigma associated with it,” said Armand Sprecher, the project’s medical coordinator and an Ebola expert.

“We understand this fear, and have seen it in previous outbreaks in other countries. More work by all the actors involved in the epidemic is still needed to ensure that populations affected have the correct information, and seek prompt medical attention.”

via Ebola epidemic not yet over, says MSF.