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Self-delusion is a powerful and addicting human behavior. When presented with over-simplistic justifications of why millions of handguns in the US are not a problem and you want to believe that untruth – you delude yourself that the simplistic justification is true – and 10-20 thousand people in US will die from gunshots this year and 20-30 thousand will be injured or maimed by gunshots, as well. The problem is that it is much easier to pull a trigger and kill someone than to stab someone and kill them.

The Last Of The Millenniums

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One thought on “The Day in a Picture”

  1. Many thanks fo rthe reblog.
    We have a gun violence problem. Just look at the difference between Occupy and Bundy.
    In Occupy, the protesters come unarmed looking for justice.
    At the Bundy Ranch, the protesters come armed looking for justice.
    Until we understand that out problem is we think we can ‘solve’ our problems with guns, we will continue to ‘shot first and ask question later’.

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