Nadine Moussa’s Presidential Plan

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The following is the English translation of Nadine Moussa‘s presidential plan. Due to high demands, an English translation was urgently needed and the following translation was done by volunteers Pia Francis and Taline Khajikian in response to that need. It was republished here with Moussa’s permission. To suggest mistakes and how to improve them, please send me an email to

Candidate Nadine Moussa’s Goals for the Presidential Elections


This presidential plan aims at accomplishing the following goals and sets the path for achieving a long-term vision that aspires to make drastic changes in Lebanon:

  • Achieving national sovereignty across Lebanon
  • Building a state for all citizens based on the reign of righteousness, law and social justice while supporting civil peace
  • Enhancing the sense of patriotism amongst Lebanese people, expatriates, men and women equally
  • Exploiting the natural resources such as gas, oil, water with total transparency and distributing them amongst…

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