FADE IN:, the Lebanese Cinema Studies Company

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FADE IN: is a Lebanese Cinema Studies Company whose mission is “to help artists express themselves through motion-picture and writing”.

How did it start?

“I’ve lived in the United States for most of my life and decided to move back 3 years ago because I wanted to make movies from my home country,” Nadia Tabbara, FADE IN:‘s founder, told me. “I wanted to share my knowledge of screen-writing and film-making (that had effectively changed my creative life) with aspiring artists in Lebanon; to share with others the joy of writing films and to cultivate an appreciation for the craft of movie-making”

Tabbara started giving workshops 3 years ago in her living room and then, 2 years later, started using AltCity, Hamra. And that’s how FADE IN: was born. “Fade In are the first two words of every screenplay” we’re told on their website, “the first two words of…

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