Releasing a World Gone Mad

Letting go is always the right thing, the hardest, and in the end, the easiest thing to do…

1620771_10151978166688297_85367076_nMoss Creek, Abbey Aldrich Rockefeller Gardens, Desert Island, Maine

“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.” ~ Emily Dickinson

A – Z Challenge – Day 19

Riding the Waves

In my dreams lately, I’m walking through the forest of my youth, heading toward the sea. Sometimes the dreams are reminders to let something go; sometimes they act as a remembrance of what was and how that experience molded my current life.

If you are awake, you know we’re riding the waves right now.

We’re floating in boats without oars, under a dome of blinking stars, surrounded by glowing sea life, and the occasional hump back whale.

We’re on our way somewhere new, but we don’t know where. Yet.

We’re just certain that a lot of the baggage we’ve been hauling from place to place, must go overboard. As it sinks into the dark waters around…

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