Israeli extremist tries to remove Palestinian flag, gets caught on barbed wire (Video) – Ads Against Apartheid | Ads Against Apartheid

“Why are you on my roof?” asked Sidr in broken Hebrew.

The settler, who had a Russian accent, also spoke in broken Hebrew as he answered Sidr.

“I’ve come to talk with you,” the settler said. As he spoke, he hung onto the building’s stone ledge, his shirt stuck in the barbed wire and his feet still on the ladder.

His antics attracted the attention of Hebron’s Jewish community, which gathered below to watch the spectacle.

The settler, undeterred by his precarious position, asked Sidr to remove the two Palestinian flags.

Sidr refused and asked the settler how he would feel if Sidr attempted to climb onto his roof to remove an Israeli flag.

“Would that be good?” asked Sidr.

“But this roof is my roof.

This is all mine, this is my country and my land,” said the settler.

“No. This is my house.

Why are you here?” asked Sidr.

“You just think it’s yours.

But this whole country is the Land of Israel,” said the settler.

“Hebron is not in Israel.

This is Palestine. I am not in Tel Aviv,” said Sidr.

“What is Palestine? It is only what the Romans called it. This is the Land of Israel. This is my country.

And everything that is here is mine,” said the settler.

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Mapping More Than a Century of Major Earthquakes Around the World – The Wire

It must be frustrating to be hit by a huge earthquake, and then have experts inform you that the “Big One” might still be coming. Yet that’s part of life in Chile: Despite being rocked by a major temblor earlier this month, the country seems to have gotten off relatively easy this time. As one geophysicist said: “Could be tomorrow, could be in 50 years; we do not know when it’s going to occur. But the key point here is that this magnitude-8.2 is not the large earthquake that we were expecting for this area.”

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writeaboutwarming: Fungal Forest Fire – food crops under attack

Not just climate warming – if the crops are more non-diversified GMO seeded crops, the fungi would spread even faster and over a larger area.

The following is a list of fungi, pests and diseases that could be potentially exacerbated by climate change.  It is lifted directly from The Independent.

Asian Soybean Rust affects the soya crop in Brazil, the world’s biggest producer.  There are more than 244 confirmed cases this year.  Industry spending on insecticides and fungicides is expected to reach $11 billion.

Cocoa Pod Borer Disease: Cocoa bean production in Indonesia, the world’s third-largest producer, is likely to dip 2 percent to 410,000 metric tons for 2013-2014, according to the International Cocoa Organization.  The fall is in part due to a tiny, mosquito-sized moth which attacks the plant.

Potato Blight is a fungus-like organism that thrives in damp, humid conditions.  The speed with which blight infection occurs and the devastating impact on the crop make it the biggest threat to the six million tons of potatoes produced in the UK each year.

Coffee Leaf Rust is an orange-colored fungus that has swept through coffee fields from Mexico to Panama.  The epidemic is affecting the livelihoods of more than two million people and causing the loss of 500,000 jobs.

Banana Fungus (TR4): This soil-borne disease is threatening banana crops in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.  The value of traded bananas worldwide totals $8.9 billion.

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Let them drown? Suspend rescue of migrants at sea, Italy’s Northern League party says –

Neo-Fascist Northern League wants to let wannabe immigrants drown?

An official of Italy’s Northern League political party called for a suspension of operations to rescue the thousands of migrants who arrive in Italy by sea, calling it an expensive “invasion.”

Party secretary Matteo Salvini said a proposal will be sent to the two Italian parliament houses, calling for the rescue, called “Mare Nostrum,” to end. He claimed the operation costs Italy 300,000 euros ($414,362) per day.

“That will end the financing of smugglers and the invasion of our shores,” Salvini said. His political party has often taken strong positions against immigration to Italy.

Immigration is a point of conflict in Italy, as thousands of migrants arrive regularly in unsafe vessels regularly from North Africa and other African nations torn by war and poverty. Many die as they attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea. After about 400 died in sinkings of two migrant boats in 2013, within sight of the Italian island of Lampedusa, Italy began its “Mare Nostrum” surveillance and rescue operation.

Boat arrivals have more than tripled in 2014, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has recommended Italy receive financial help for its efforts.

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Kraft Recalls 96,000 Pounds Of Oscar Mayer Wieners: Gothamist

A labeling mishap could mean an unexpected squirt of cheese filling your mouth when biting into an Oscar Mayer Classic Wiener. Kraft Foods has issued a Class I Recall of 96,000 pounds of the company’s Classic Cheese Dogs that were incorrectly labeled as regular hot dogs. A consumer alerted the company to the mistake on Friday; aside from the unexpected dose of dairy, no adverse reactions have been reported.

Class I recalls are the most urgent category issued by the USDA, meaning there’s a “reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.” Because the hot dogs contain dairy and are not labeled as such, the risk is high for consumers with a lactose intolerance.

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Hot Yoga: So Not Hot. | Rebelle Society

My reason for showing up for that first Hatha Beginners Series was about as boring as it gets. I was tired all the time. So.Fucking.Tired. Not to mention overweight and depressed. And there was a persistent rumor circulating that Yoga helped reduce stress.

At a loss of what else to do and spurred on by a hint of desperation, I signed up for a full five-week introductory class. It was certainly a scary commitment, but I knew something had to change and it had to start with me. That meant trying something completely different.

Every class left me feeling energized and clear-minded. I had no idea how this Yoga thing worked, but as I witnessed my constant brain fog gradually diminishing with each session, I settled into the realization that understanding something is not a necessary element in benefiting from it.

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Russian and American Military Dolphins Might Face Off This Summer – The Wire

{I am not sure what is worse – us training dolphins and sea lions for our military use, or that all the trainers are smiling at the camera. Will we eventually train hawks to act as “drones” with little web cams and small armaments?}

The dolphins will be testing a new anti-radar system, created to “disorientate enemy sonars”, said LaPuzza. While the dolphins are doing that, the sea lions will be trained to “look for mines and naval divers.” According to the paper, they also allegedly plan to test out new dolphin armor developed at the University of Hawaii. This will be NATO’s first use of militarized sea creatures.

This trip could also mark the first meeting of Russian and American sea creatures. Russia and the United States are the only countries known to have militarized dolphins at this time. Crimean dolphins, which were owned by Ukraine before Russia recently acquired (well, stole) them, have trained in the Black Sea previously. Since Russia is revamping the Sevastopol dolphin training center, it is extremely likely the Black Sea will be home to both sea creature units at the same time this summer.

The United States Navy does not seem particularly concerned with the rival dolphins hanging out, even though the Russian program has been rather secretive about its plans: “We have no official data on the Russian center, and I cannot say how we assess the capabilities of your dolphins,” says LaPuzza. The United States dolphins and sea lions might be at a disadvantage, though. The American critters will be traveling several thousand miles from their home base in San Diego, to the naval ship in the Black Sea. The creatures will travel in special baths so they are as comfortable as possible. Dolphins (probably) don’t get jet lag, but a several thousand mile trip will certainly be an adjustment. LaPuzza does note that “there is no cause for concern” in regards to the sea creatures travels, “as they are protected by the law on the protection of marine mammals.”

The US creatures will also have to adjust to the new waters. The Black Sea has a salinity of about 17 percent, whereas the Pacific Ocean, regular home to the US dolphins, has a salinity of 35 percent. Additionally, the water temperature will be an adjustment. The Navy did not address whether the salinity or temperature will affect the sea lions and dolphins abilities to perform exercises. If the Russian and American dolphins do meet, at least NATO will be there to keep the peace. Unless, of course, the mammals decide to join forces and form their own navy instead.

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Daily Mail: how our reporter dialled 999 and got an ambulance – no questions asked!