UKIP parliamentary candidate publicly humiliates 6-year-old little boy

UKIP and Tea Party – Mad Hatters of politics

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

UKIP councillor and parliamentary candidate David Meacock has publicly humiliated a 6-year-old child by sending a group email accusing the little boy of stealing a toy.

Here’s the full story from local paper getbucks:

UKIP candidate ‘names and shames’ six-year-old in missing toy row

Thank God for the UKIP I say.

It’s about time someone sorted out all of those rampaging 6-year-olds bringing the country to its knees!


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WHO | Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) – update

The following details were provided to WHO by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia on 17 April 2014:

The patient is a 54 year-old man with underlying health conditions. He travelled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with a pilgrimage group of 18 people from 15 to 28 March 2014 and became ill on 4 April. He sought treatment in a private clinic in Johor, Malaysia on 7 April and went to a hospital on 9 April. The patient died on 13 April. The patient visited a camel farm on 26 March, during which he consumed camel milk.

via WHO | Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) – update.

Someone’s Handing Out Leaflets in Eastern Ukraine Telling Jews to ‘Register’ – The Wire

According to the Times of Israel, Pushilin has gone on record to a Russian paper denying any involvement in the flyers, instead calling them a “provocation.” Olga Resnikova, a Jewish resident of the region who saw the leaflet told Ynet that “we do not know if the leaflet was spread by pro-Russian forces or someone else, but it did manage to create quite a fear.”

No matter where the flyer comes from, the very real issue of anti-Semitism in Ukraine following the change of power there has been a fraught one. Pro-Russian groups have taken pains to paint the new interim government in Kiev as in collusion with anti-Semitic nationalists. But a New York Times look into Jewish life in Ukraine following the change of power found that many in the country were more concerned about anti-Semitism coming from Russia than they were about nationalist backlash from the new Ukrainian government. It seems no matter the crisis, the worst bigots will always find a way to exploit it.

via Someone’s Handing Out Leaflets in Eastern Ukraine Telling Jews to ‘Register’ – The Wire.

Invasive foreign species pose a threat to the global ecosystem. So when will we learn not to meddle with nature? – Telegraph

Twelve thousand alien species of animals and plants from other lands have taken up residence in Europe, according to the European Union – and as human traffic and trade grow, that influx will surely increase. So, according to the House of Commons environmental audit committee in its latest report on invasive non-native species, it is time to do something about it.

via Invasive foreign species pose a threat to the global ecosystem. So when will we learn not to meddle with nature? – Telegraph.

Just as big a problem in US – Florida having huge problem – pun intended – with Burmese Pythons being let loose in wild and now with no natural predators chomping up Everglades species.

Nigeria local authorities say most of abducted schoolgirls still missing – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

It is unclear exactly how many of the girls were snatched from their school at Chibok in Borno state by the anti-education Islamist movement Boko Haram.

An earlier statement from the military had put the total number of students kidnapped at 129.

A spokesman for Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan, Reuben Aabati, said he had been informed some of the kidnapped girls had been freed but could not specify how many.

There was no immediate explanation for the contradictory versions regarding the kidnapped female students.

The mass abduction of the schoolgirls aged between 15 and 18 has shocked Nigeria and showed how the Boko Haram insurgency has brought lawlessness to swathes of the arid, poor north-east, killing hundreds of people in recent months.

via Nigeria local authorities say most of abducted schoolgirls still missing – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

VDU’s blog: MERS-CoV numbers by week…

why is this happening? It’s not as though hospitals are not well aware of standard infection prevention and control practices for handling patients with respiratory illnesses of unknown origin. Respiratory illnesses make up a big part of hospital business. MERS-CoV is not the only, nor the most frequent, pathogen in this class. I suspect seasonal respiratory viruses kill many people in the region too. But do we know that do or that they don’t when compared to MERS-CoV? Some contrast here would be very valuable. Studies of respiratory viruses, using PCR-based methods to look at cases of pneumonia, from the Arabian peninsula are more rare human cases of MERS-CoV.

What’s more scary than rising case numbers for me is the fact the these hospital clusters keep on happening.

via VDU’s blog: MERS-CoV numbers by week….

Professor Mervyn Morris Named First Poet Laureate In 60 Years

Repeating Islands


Professor Emeritus Mervyn Morris has been named Jamaica’s first Poet Laureate in 60 years, the Associated Press reports.Morris, an eminent poet was named by the Tourism Minister, Dr Wykeham McNeill this morning.

The title of Poet Laureate is a national honour that recognizes a distinguished Jamaican poet for his/her significant contribution to the literary community.

It is expected to stimulate a greater appreciation for Jamaican poetry, write poems for national occasions, and preserve and disseminate the island’s cultural heritage through prose.

Morris, a retired professor at the University of the West Indies, has led the charge for the Government to do more to show the country’s appreciation for the arts.

The Poet Laureate Programme is a joint initiative of the Entertainment Advisory Board of the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment, the Ministry of Youth and Culture and the National Library of Jamaica.

For more information on Morris follow Jamaica’s Gleaner

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Why are veiled women denied entry to bars in Egypt? | Egyptian Streets

Ultimately, it should not matter what a woman wears. Her piety is not sewn into her hijab, nor is her worth. No aspect of her external person defines her character. Fashion trends always carry some message, it’s true, but trends are far more fickle than human characters, and so are their connotations. To limit a person’s access because of their appearance is both ineffectual and short-sighted.

The truth is, I am not a Muslim woman and I did have a drink that night I wore a scarf to Cairo Jazz Club. Neither of those truths had any influence on what was ultimately an aesthetic decision. Covering my head makes me feel a little more enigmatic, a little safer. Mostly, I just like how I look in a scarf. Take it off and I am the same woman with the same morals. The same is true of any woman who does or does not wear a scarf, because a woman is never defined by her appearance. The significance of our look – or our moralities – no bouncer has the right to decide.

via Why are veiled women denied entry to bars in Egypt? | Egyptian Streets.

Why are veiled women denied entry to bars in Egypt?

Must read!

Egyptian Streets

Egyptian women line up to vote in 2012 Egyptian women line up to vote in 2012

By Anya Vanecek, Aswat Masriya

At the top of Ahmed Orabi Street, seven Americans smiled impishly at the Cairo Jazz Club bouncer. Not one was carrying an ID – or over the minimum age of 25; he didn’t seem to mind. From the centre of the pack, I twirled the hanging ends of my Spanish-styled headscarf. He did mind that. Pointing directly at my covered head, the bouncer demanded I show my ID. Adopting a pointed American accent, I replied, “I don’t carry it with me.” The bouncer scolded me, but allowed me to follow my friends into the club. “Bring it with you next time,” he warned.

Cairo Jazz Club is one of many high-end, alcohol-serving establishments which have come under fire in recent years for turning veiled women away – allegedly for morality’s sake. An article published four years ago by Ashraf…

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