The Gun Report: April 15, 2014 – –

Juliet Lynch, 7, was shot in the chest and killed when a 5-year-old boy fired a gun he mistook for a toy at a birthday party in Gaston, S.C., Saturday night. The boy was trying to get a toy gun out of a trunk when he picked up a real gun, which was also in the trunk. The gun reportedly belonged to the boyfriend of the boy’s mother. The sheriff said charges could be filed.

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The Gun Report: April 15, 2014 – –

A 2-year-old boy was accidentally shot in the face with a pistol at his home in Cochranton, Pa., Monday afternoon. The victim’s 4-year-old sibling retrieved a loaded .380-caliber Ruger and accidentally fired it. State police are investigating.


A 4-year-old was shot by another child in Richland County, S.C., late Sunday. Deputies said a 7-year-old got hold of gun and accidentally fired it. No charges have been filed, but the incident remains under investigation.

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Top Tory Bernard Ingham calls relatives of Hillsborough victims ‘contemptible’

Pride's Purge

(not satire -it’s the Tories)

If I had my way, former chief press secretary to Margaret Thatcher ‘Sir’ Bernard Ingham would be stripped of his title.

After all the title ‘sir’ is supposed to represent honour and respect and there’s nothing honourable or respectful about the way Ingham has over many years consistently abused the people who lost loved ones in such a tragic way in the Hillsborough disaster.

Ingham sent a letter in 1996 to a Liverpool fan whose friend had died in the disaster in which he told grieving relatives that they should “shut up” about Hillsborough:

Hillsborough disaster ‘Shut up about Hillsborough’: Sir Bernard Ingham not sorry for blaming Liverpool ‘mob’ for deaths of the 96

And now yet another disgraceful letter sent by Ingham to a Liverpool fan regarding Hillsborough has come to light.

This letter was revealed by Scott Twigg – and was addressed to his stepfather’s…

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Neither Erdoğan’s victory, nor the Muslim Brotherhood’s protests are an Ottoman slap


Published in Hurriyet Daily News

Following a trail of setbacks, Islamists in the Arab world have something to celebrate. Their hero, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has won in Turkey’s local elections, a victory Islamists in the Arab world are selling to their followers as their own.

The relationship between Erdoğan and his Arab Islamists is based on mutual exploitation. Erdoğan engineers more domestic popularity for himself by harping on the misfortunes of Islamists. At the same time, Arab Islamists market Erdoğan’s success as proof of the soundness of their ideology, and use his success as a tool to counter misgivings among their junior cadres and supporters.

The essence of this relationship is a mutual feed of victimhood that serves both sides’ interests. Despite the fact that most Arab Islamists acknowledge Erdoğan’s brand of political Islam (which does not promote Sharia) as being different to their own, they have lowered the bar…

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The Surprising Gut Microbes of African Hunter-Gatherers | Science | WIRED

That’s not to say you should start stocking up on exotic roots, berries, and wild game hoping to create the perfect balance of beneficial bacteria for your belly. Crittenden and her research partners warn against turning their research into a diet, even if the link between the Hadza’s gut microbiome and their lower rates of gastrointetinal illness prove true. “Even if you try to emulate the diet of the Hadza, you’re not living in the environment,” explained Amanda Henry, a dietary ecologist from the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and a co-author of the study. “There are transfers from the soils, from the animals.” In other words, it’s not just what the Hadza eat that contribute to their remarkable gut flora, it’s where and how they are eating it, too.

Among the communities of gut microbiomes that have been sampled — from Americans to Italians to Koreans to vegans — the Hadza’s is drastically different. But, what really surprised the researchers was how different the gut communities were between the sexes. The females had much higher levels of several bacteria known to break down fibrous veggies. Both sexes eat copious amounts of tuborous roots, the women do most of the digging, while the men hunt or collect honey. ”Even though both groups bring food back to camp, they both snack, so they both eat more of what they collect,” Henry said. For the research team, this was just more evidence of how much the gut biota can vary, even between people who spend their entire lives eating different quantities of roughly the same diet.

This research is provocative, but there is a lot more work before the many new questions it raises can bring us answers about the human gut. Henry says she’d like to get samples from more people, and across a broader swath of time. “We really need to look at how gut microbiomes vary by season,” she said.

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Scores of girls abducted from Nigerian school by suspected Islamist rebels | News | DW.DE | 15.04.2014


Suspected Islamist rebels have abducted at least 100 girls from a secondary school in Nigeria’s northeast Borno state, according to local officials. The assailants are believed to be members of Boko Haram.

The attackers arrived early in the morning on Tuesday with a large truck at the girls’ college in the village of Chibok, approximately 70 miles (113 km) southwest of Maiduguri, according to local police spokesman Gideon Jibrin. He added that the girls were forced into the vehicle, though some were able to escape.

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Apparent Hate Crime Aimed at Jews Instead Strikes Christians Who Gave to Others –

William L. Corporon was a longtime family doctor, but to his family, he was Popeye, a nickname bestowed by a grandson, Reat Underwood.

{Haters are not all that smart and remember all those innocents killed over the years by racist haters}

On Sunday, it was Popeye who was drafted to take Reat to audition for KC SuperStar, a singing competition for high school students in the Kansas City area. A member of church and school choirs and an actor in summer theater productions in the park, Reat had wanted to try out for years. Now, as a 14-year-old high school freshman, he was finally old enough.

Dressed in a coat and tie, he had prepared a song called “You’re Going to Miss Me When I’m Gone,” which he sang for his mother on Sunday. She kissed him goodbye. Then he jumped into his grandfather’s truck.

But in early afternoon, the authorities say, Reat and his grandfather were both fatally shot in the parking lot outside the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kan., where the audition was being held.

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Game of drones: Why Google and Facebook are going head-to-head for control of the skies – The Times of India

Both Facebook and Google have said that they are interested in using these craft to supply internet access to remote areas of the world, and although there’s a straightforward commercial interest for both companies (more internet means more customers after all), quite how ground-breaking and useful the technology they’re investing in is not yet fully understood.

Because they’re unmanned and remotely controlled, these aircraft are often thought of as drones, but really it makes more sense to think of them semi-permanent, atmospheric satellites. Unlike drones they’re not capable of nimble flight, of darting back and forth over a target; instead they’re more akin to massive, delicate gliders, taking off from regular airfields but then pretty much left to their own devices.

Although Titan Aerospace previously said it was not expecting to begin any commercial operations until 2015, it’s their aircraft that we’ve heard most about (far less is known about Ascenta), with their solar-powered Solara 50 and Solara 60 boasting wingspans greater than a Boeing 767 with solar-panels on the top of the craft keeping them aloft for five years at a time.

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Syria rebels get US-made missiles: source | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR

{Not supposed to happen unless, US says OK – part of every agreement to sell or supply them. So, US is saying OK or this it is simply not true and is spin to try and get it to happen. Interesting that the information is released just after Assad claims government will win in a year.}

“Moderate, well-organised fighters from the Hazm movement have for the first time received more than 20 TOW anti-tank missiles from a Western source,” the source said on condition of anonymity, and without specifying who had supplied the rockets.

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Caught on video – Gunmen terrorize Brazilian Indians – Survival International

A violent gang of gunmen who have been terrorizing a community of Brazilian Indians since they returned to their ancestral land has been caught on video. The gang is believed to be employed by the rancher occupying the Guarani Indians’ land, which was seized from them in the 1970s, and cleared for ranching.

Last Monday one of the members of the community of Pyelito Kuê managed to film the gunmen driving past their village and firing shots at them in broad daylight.

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