Love the Earth | Falling Into Wonderland

We wait to fix systemic problems until after the roof caves in, the mountain top slides onto homes, or the bridge falls into the river, dumping cars into the swiftly moving current.

We drill for oil, use millions of gallons of life-sustaining water to do so, and produce only finite amounts of shale gas as a result. The kicker is that the waste from that process is so toxic, everything within miles of pools holding it, dies.

We call this progress.

I call it crazy.

It is insane to burn your only home to the ground because someone offered you money to do so.

I ask you, where do you plan to live once you are holding the keys to a pile of ash? Where will you go when the last fish has been caught, the last great tree cut?

Will you eat your money?


We will wither without our mother, our home.

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