Falling Into Grace

Image by John Elia Image by John Elia

A  – Z Challenge Day 6

Falling into grace.

Falling is associated with losing control. We miscalculate the distance and we trip. We overestimate our abilities and we fall short. We fall down and get hurt. We scrape our knees and, perhaps, bruise our sense of infallibility.

There’s a physical gracelessness to falling, but there’s also a spiritual grace associated with it.

When we fall — whether in the street or into the arms of a lover — we experience what it is like to see those around us coming to our aid. We’re banged up and bleeding, or we’re gobsmacked with joy, unable to talk about or think about anyone or anything, except our beloved. We’ve bonked our heads and we see things differently. The world seems to blur and soften as our hearts fall open.


Falling leaves. 

I remember my mom telling me that…

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