New Books: Alick Lazare’s Kalinago Blood

Repeating Islands


Kalinago Blood, a novel based on historical accounts of the genocide of the Kalinago people (circa 1600 – 1700), was recently released by Abbott Press.

Kalinago Blood is a story of love and betrayal, sex and violence, jealousy and ambition, and the overwhelming desire by European invaders to control and mutilate what was best in the unspoiled world of the native people of the Caribbean. Throughout the book the clash of cultures becomes a dominant theme: the moral and social inhibitions against native nudity and sexual freedom; the simple, primitive joy of union among natives in contrast with the dour self-denial of Europeans and their prim wives; the magical lure of African superstition and the spiritual power of sensual possession; the native shaman’s understanding of and respect for the powers of good and evil, and of the inevitability of fate in the outcome of human actions.

The descendants…

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