Lay off the women in running tutus (and that includes you, SELF)

Fit and Feminist

You’ve probably all seen that list of the top ten professions that attract psychopaths going around by now, right?  I’ve seen it a few times, mainly because I run in circles with journalists and TV news people, and those professions both cracked the top ten.  As much as I want to lodge a protest on behalf of my profession and say that we aren’t all heartless jerks who view people as little more than fodder to fill our various news holes/magazine spaces/on-air times, sometimes I see a decision made by a media outlet that is so heartless, so cruel that I cannot help but think that the psychopath-career list is more accurate than I am comfortable with.

One of those instances just happened with SELF magazine.  SELF is getting called out in a big way because, well, here:

Monika Allen says she was excited to receive an email from…

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