H5N1: Four cases of Ebola confirmed in Guinean capital Conakry

Total fail in actually getting word out to people and about how this is different!

The minister said the virus appeared to have been transmitted by an old man who showed symptoms of haemorrhagic fever after visiting Dinguiraye in central Guinea, far from the identified outbreaks of Ebola in the remote southeast.

Four of the man’s brothers, who attended his funeral in the central town of Dabola, started to show the same symptoms and were tested for Ebola on their return to Conakry.

“The four tested positive,” Lamah told Reuters. “They have been placed in an isolation ward in Donka hospital.” The old man’s family has also been quarantined, the minister said.

The spread of the disease to Conakry, a city of some 2 million people, marked an escalation in the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, which ranks as one of the poorest nations on earth despite rich deposits of bauxite and iron ore. As of Wednesday, 63 deaths had been reported from suspected cases of infections.

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Section of national park in Guam closed after discovery of invasive little fire ants

“Hitchhikers” on ships and planes – globalization of trade and tourists drives modern “evolution” of species and ecosystems.

A section of War in the Pacific National Historical Park in Guam has been closed after the presence of the invasive little fire ants was discovered.

Pacific Daily News (http://is.gd/LJzSmU) says the Asan Beach unit of the park has been closed to reduce the possibility of spreading the little fire ants.

The closure also aims to protect the public from the ants, which are tiny but can produce painful stings.

Officials are considering several options to eradicate the pest from Asan Beach, including the application of pesticides, and cutting and burning infested trees.

The little fire ant was first discovered in Guam in 2011 and first found in Hawaii in Puna in 1999.

The species is native to South America.

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Scooters Against TB

This initiative of Sandoz is in line with South African Government’s five-year (2012 – 2016) National Strategic Plan on HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and TB, and supports the provincial plans to revitalise its primary health care programme.The scooter initiative of Sandoz not only provides a workable solution to a problem, but it is also a very visible demonstration of community involvement and private – public partnership to help eradicate TB.

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New Books: Alick Lazare’s Kalinago Blood

Repeating Islands


Kalinago Blood, a novel based on historical accounts of the genocide of the Kalinago people (circa 1600 – 1700), was recently released by Abbott Press.

Kalinago Blood is a story of love and betrayal, sex and violence, jealousy and ambition, and the overwhelming desire by European invaders to control and mutilate what was best in the unspoiled world of the native people of the Caribbean. Throughout the book the clash of cultures becomes a dominant theme: the moral and social inhibitions against native nudity and sexual freedom; the simple, primitive joy of union among natives in contrast with the dour self-denial of Europeans and their prim wives; the magical lure of African superstition and the spiritual power of sensual possession; the native shaman’s understanding of and respect for the powers of good and evil, and of the inevitability of fate in the outcome of human actions.

The descendants…

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Egypt’s Animals Find a Home in Luxor

Egyptian Streets

Who said donkeys couldn't be cute? This is felix, one of ACE's residents. Who said donkeys couldn’t be cute? This is felix, one of ACE’s residents.

By Helen Collins, a volunteer at Animal Care Egyp

ACE, an independent UK and Egyptian charity, seeks to promote animal welfare through healthcare and education initiatives. The founders, Kim Taylor and Julie Wartenburg, were inspired to create ACE while visiting Luxor during a holiday from the UK in the 1990s.

The source of their inspiration was the very poor conditions of the working horses and donkeys they encountered on their visit. They believed that improved education in animal husbandry and better facilities for animal care would improve the animals’ quality of life.

Everyone needs a home. Everyone needs a home.

They started by renting a small plot of land and set up a washing area for people to bring their animals to be cleaned. After this initial step, ACE was registered as a charity in the UK and Egypt. As…

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Lay off the women in running tutus (and that includes you, SELF)

Fit and Feminist

You’ve probably all seen that list of the top ten professions that attract psychopaths going around by now, right?  I’ve seen it a few times, mainly because I run in circles with journalists and TV news people, and those professions both cracked the top ten.  As much as I want to lodge a protest on behalf of my profession and say that we aren’t all heartless jerks who view people as little more than fodder to fill our various news holes/magazine spaces/on-air times, sometimes I see a decision made by a media outlet that is so heartless, so cruel that I cannot help but think that the psychopath-career list is more accurate than I am comfortable with.

One of those instances just happened with SELF magazine.  SELF is getting called out in a big way because, well, here:

Monika Allen says she was excited to receive an email from…

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H5N1: Guinea: Ebola update from the US Embassy

U.S. Embassy Medical Practitioner attended the World Health Organization (WHO)  Ebola Task Force meeting hosted by WHO today and reports:

• There are a total of 88 suspected individuals of hemorrhagic fever in Guinea.

• 63 of these individuals have died.

• Out of 37 samples, 11 have tested positive for the Ebola virus to date.

• All of the positive tests have come from the far South Eastern Region of Guinea.

• There have been NO proven Ebola cases in Conakry and at this time there are NO suspected cases in Conakry.

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Eleven photos that define ‘American Cool’ | Art and design | theguardian.com

What do we mean when we say someone is cool? A new exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery will explore this very theme, through photography, history and popular culture

‘Cool is the opposite of innocence or virtue. Someone cool has a charismatic edge and a dark side.’

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American Cool | National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

The legendary jazz saxophonist Lester Young created the modern usage of “cool” in the 1940s. At first it meant being relaxed in one’s environment against oppressive social forces, but within a generation it became a password for stylish self-control.

This exhibition does not reflect our opinion of who’s cool. Each cool figure was considered with the following historical rubric in mind and possesses at least three elements of this singular American self-concept:

1.) an original artistic vision carried off with a signature style

2.) cultural rebellion or transgression for a given generation

3.) iconic power, or instant visual recognition

4.) a recognized cultural legacy

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Evangelical Bullies Win! World Vision admits ‘mistake,’ won’t hire married gays – Puget Sound Business Journal

Actually, they lose for going back to wrong side of history but bullies are happy for now.

Federal Way-based World Vision U.S. said it made a “mistake” earlier in the week regarding the hiring of married same-sex workers, and said it now won’t hire married gay employees.

On Monday, the Seattle Times reports the ministry organization said it would allow hiring of married gay employees, but the backlash from conservative Christian supporters was so intense, the board was forced to change its stance just two days later.

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