Relive Michael Peña’s Glorious Defense Of The ‘Ñ’

Repeating Islands

Rarely will you see such an impassioned defense of the “ñ” — not just an accented “n,” but a letter unto itself.

Actor Michael Peña — not “Pena” — wants you to know you might be “missing out on a life of romance, excitement, sensuality, love, naturing [sic]” by failing to use the “ñ.” It’s like an “n,” but with a mustache, Peña explains.

The video by MTV’s Mun2 first appeared in 2011, but reappeared on Latino Rebels and Cosmopolitan in recent days, as Peña drew attention for playing the lead role in Diego Luna’s biopic of the farm workers union leader Cesar Chavez. Latino Rebels implored the U.S. media to #RespectTheÑ.

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Pro-gay marriage and a Firefox user? You may want to change web browser

Pride's Purge

(not satire!)

New Firefox CEO donated to anti-gay marriage campaign

If you’re pro-equal marriage and a Firefox user you might want to think about changing your choice of web browser.

Mozilla’s new CEO is Brendan Eich – who has a history of donating to anti-gay marriage campaigns such as California’s notorious Proposition 8, a campaign to ban same-sex marriage.

The Mozilla Foundation finances Firefox:

LGBT Developers Boycott Firefox After Anti-Gay CEO Takes Office


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A Call for Universal Access to Safe, Legal Abortion – Inter Press Service

Lawmakers and civil society leaders from over 30 countries are calling for universal access to safe, legal abortion.

The declaration, released in Washington on Wednesday, comes in the context of a 20-year review by the United Nations of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo. That landmark conference called for safe access to abortions in countries where the procedure was legal, while Wednesday’s declaration calls for the decriminalisation of abortion in all countries.

“What we know now is that law changes social attitudes.” — Nepali MP Arzu Rana Deuba

The declaration also anticipates the post-2015 development agenda. Advocates are calling to expand the discussion on women’s health to include abortion rights when determining the next round of global development goals, following the expiration of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs).

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H5N1: Guinea says Ebola outbreak contained; death toll rises

The outbreak of mysterious haemorrhagic fever was first detected in Guinea in February. Scientists have since identified it as the most virulent Zaire strain of the Ebola virus.

The virus is believed to reside primarily in bats between rare outbreaks in humans. Some experts believe it may have been carried by bats from central Africa, where it is more common.


In an effort to contain the disease, Guinea has banned the sale and consumption of bats and other types of bush meat, and banned public funerals for those killed. Volunteers from the Guinean Red Cross were disinfecting the homes of victims and dealing with infected bodies.

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Zhu Zhu Cries For Animals To Ban China’s Cruel Cosmetics Animal Testing – Look to the Stars

The animal-loving film star, announced this week as a Be Cruelty-Free China Ambassador, joins international celebrities including Sir Paul McCartney and Leona Lewis, in speaking up for cosmetics with compassion on behalf of the global Be Cruelty-Free campaign.

Zhu Zhu’s Be Cruelty-Free photo campaign launched in Beijing, features the actress crying whilst cradling a rabbit, one of the most commonly used animals in cosmetics testing. An estimated 300,000 rabbits, mice and other animals are used in cosmetics testing each year in China. They have chemicals dripped in their eyes, spread on their shaved skin or force fed to them in massive, lethal doses. No pain relief is given.

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