Lebanon featured in All Love is Equal | Interview

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gl_52aff93f-4f2c-47c5-86f9-211e0af4b6c2 The Lebanese picture that was featured in Braden Summer’s “All Love is Equal” Photoshoot

A couple of weeks ago, we were all surprised to see that Lebanon was among the locations used by Braden Summers in his “All Love is Equal” photoshoot showcasing 15 LGBT couples from around the world. The Lebanese one features two beautiful women modeling as a Lesbian couple in a traditional Lebanese house. I was curious to know more about it so I got a hold of Braden and asked him a couple of questions.

How did you come up with the idea of All Love is Equal and what are you hoping to achieve with it?

“All Love is Equal” is a photographic series that challenges the social construct of “iconic romance.” It is meant to call attention to the lack of commercial imagery that focuses on the idealization of same-sex couples. A…

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