Stop The GOP Lies – ‘Dexter cancer patient who called health care ‘unaffordable’ will save more than $1K’

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julies story

And of course by saving her over $1000, she doesn’t like the new plan.


According to Julie….”It’s Obama’s fault.”

Washington— ‘A Dexter cancer patient featured in a conservative group’s TV ad campaign denouncing her new health care coverage as “unaffordable” will save more than $1,000 this year’.

‘Julie Boonstra, 49, starred last month in an emotional television ad sponsored by Americans for Prosperity that implied Democratic U.S. Rep. Gary Peters’ vote for the Affordable Care Act made her medication so “unaffordable” she could die. Peters of Bloomfield Township is running for an open U.S. Senate seat against Republican Terri Lynn Land’.

‘The Detroit News and fact checkers last month cast doubt on the accuracy of the TV ad. On Monday, Boonstra acknowledged which health plan she chose, offering the first evidence of cost savings’.

  • ‘Boonstra said Monday her new plan she dislikes is the Blue Cross Premier Gold…

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An online Magna Carta: Berners-Lee calls for bill of rights for web | Technology | The Guardian

Tim Berners-Lee has been an outspoken critic of spy agencies’ surveillance of citizens. Photograph: Andrew Brusso/Corbis

The inventor of the world wide web believes an online “Magna Carta” is needed to protect and enshrine the independence of the medium he created and the rights of its users worldwide.

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Tamera Healing Biotope 1

Tamera is a School and Research Station for ‘Concrete Utopia’

The project was founded in Germany in 1978. In 1995 it moved to Portugal. Today 170 people live and work on a property of 330 acres. The first founding thought was to develop a non-violent life model for human being, animal and nature. Soon it became clear that the healing of love and of human community had to be placed the center of this work. Sexuality, love and partnership need to be freed from lying and fear, for there can be no peace on Earth so long as there is war in love.

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Israeli police restrict access to Aqsa compound | Maan News Agency

Israeli forces on Tuesday prevented Muslim worshipers under the age of 50 from entering the al-Aqsa mosque compound, locals said.

Israeli police closed all but three gates leading to the holy site and dozens of youths had to perform prayers in the streets after being denied access.

Israeli police detained two young men inside the compound, witnesses added.

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Intolerable restraint of freedom to worship – remind anyone of how Jewish people were treated in Germany and Easter Europe and now this is how they treat Muslims?

Meet Mshale, the Un-Poachable Elephant | TakePart

Mshale was first shot with a poisoned arrow in 2012, and again in March and August 2013. The poachers’ weapon of choice, the AK-47, has fallen out of favor in Kenya because citizens have been reporting gunshots to wildlife authorities more frequently. The reversion to prehistoric technology requires poachers to follow their prey around for days, waiting for the intelligent and highly social animals to die of their wounds.

Madness in the Village of Elephants: 26 Pachyderms Slaughtered

That gave Mshale the time he needed to seek help, Bradford believes.

“He has been treated three times before, and he knows where help lies,” he told The Times. “We believe Mshale came back despite his poor body condition—caused by his wound—so that he could be treated and saved one more time.”

Poachers slaughter one elephant every 15 minutes; the largest living land animal’s population has been reduced 75 percent since 1980. Despite a worldwide ban on the ivory trade, as much as 70 percent of illegal ivory ends up in China, where a growing middle class has created an increasing demand for ivory chopsticks, jewelry, and other ornaments.

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Louisiana Inmate Likely to Be Freed After 30 Years on Death Row | Death Penalty Information Center

Glenn Ford, who has spent 30 years on Louisiana’s death row, could be freed as soon as March 12, after prosecutors filed motions to vacate his conviction and sentence. Prosecutors said they recently received “credible evidence” that Ford “was neither present at, nor a participant in, the robbery and murder” of which he was convicted in 1984. Ford, who has always maintained his innocence, was tried and sentenced to death by an all-white jury. One of the witnesses against him said at trial that police had helped her make up her story. A state “expert” who testified about the victim’s time of death had not even examined the body. Ford’s lead trial attorney had never tried a jury case before. A second attorney, two years out of law school, worked at an insurance defense firm. They failed to hire any experts to rebut the prosecution’s case because they believed they would have to pay for the experts themselves. The Louisiana Supreme Court earlier said it had “serious questions” about the outcome of the trial, but did not reverse Ford’s conviction. Ford may have been involved in trying to pawn jewelry from the victim that he received from one of the original codefendants.

via Louisiana Inmate Likely to Be Freed After 30 Years on Death Row | Death Penalty Information Center.

Too many cases like this in past 20 years. End the death penalty and at least, we will not execute by error. 30 years is a life time but he is still alive.

Crabs, Shrimp & Lobsters All Capable Of Feeling Pain: Gothamist

It’s about to get a lot more difficult for some of us to scald lobsters to death in a boiling vat of liquid doom. A study from Queen’s University Belfast indicates that invertebrates like crabs, shrimp and squid are capable of feeling pain, reports the Washington Post. Next we’ll find out cauliflower is capable of love.

Scientist Robert Elwood studied a variety of crustaceans, including shrimp and crabs, trying to determine if their response to certain stimuli was either reflex or pain. Across the board he discovered that when subjected to something inherently “painful”—losing a limb or being brushed with acid—the animals responded with movements and actions specifically related to where they were touched.

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Caribbean adopts plan to seek slavery reparations

Repeating Islands


Leaders of Caribbean nations on Monday unanimously adopted a broad plan on seeking reparations from European nations for what they say are the lingering ill effects of the Atlantic slave trade on the region, the Associated Press reports.

A British human rights law firm hired by the Caribbean Community grouping of nations announced that prime ministers had authorized a 10-point plan that would seek a formal apology and debt cancellation from former colonizers such as Britain, France and the Netherlands. The decision came at a closed-door meeting in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

According to the Leigh Day law firm, the Caribbean Community also wants reparation payments to repair the persisting “psychological trauma” from the days of plantation slavery and calls for assistance to boost the region’s technological know-how since the Caribbean was denied participation in Europe’s industrialization and confined to producing and exporting raw materials such as sugar.


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