Smart-home market will double in size in four years

Told you guys five years ago to get ready for the market – the installer market will be huge for those who want to be self-employed or start up a smart home doctor biz!

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The last Juniper Research report shows how the smart-home market will double in size within 2018 reaching over $71 billions. The report highlights the entertainment segment as the top driver of this growth trend, while several commentators (VentureBeat above all) aren’t confident about this forecast because of the inclusion of the revenue volume of services like Netflix that are not proper smart-home solutions.

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Allied Market Research, for example, published a report with a reduced growth forecast of about $4,8 billions per year (compared to the $8 billions per year of Juniper’s report). However everybody is expecting awesome market perspectives for the immediate future and a wide range of business niches and opportunities, as the Nest’s acquisition by Google showed as well as the massive investments of Nest Labs in key segments like the smart smoke detection devices.

CES 2014 Samsung press event introducing Smart Home platform CES 2014 Samsung press event introducing Smart Home…

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