‘Love Matters’ shatters sex taboos

Egyptian Streets


By Mohamed Khairat and Moustafa Amin, EgyptianStreets.com

Talking openly about sex and relationships has long been a strict taboo in Egyptian society. Despite ranking third in the world when it comes to internet searches for the world ‘sex,’ public discussion about sexual health, whether it is in schools, amongst friends or through family, is almost non-existent.

More concerning however has been the vast amount of misinformation online. Recent studies by the Ford Foundation in Egypt show that 86 percent of online Arabic information contains inaccurate information.

Aiming to break this taboo, ‘Love Matters Arabic,’ an innovative multimedia platform engaging young people to talk about love, sex, and relationships, recently celebrated its launch in Cairo. Love Matters Arabic provides users with unambiguous and reliable information on sex and relationships: talking honestly and openly about sex while also considering cultural and religious contexts.

In just two months since its launch…

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