Save Achrafieh from the Fouad Boutros Project

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Based on various studies done by NGOs and the Civil Coalition including Save Beirut Heritage against the Fouad Boutros Project, here’s what this project would cause if implemented*:

  • The demolition of around 30 buildings, some of high heritage value.
  • The uprooting of about a hundred trees (Many of which are centennial).
  • The destruction of around 10,000sqm of green spaces.
  • The fragmentation of a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.
  • Further pollution and noise.
  • Increase of traffic in some areas and lack of parking space.

* The information was taken from the quick summary presented on BlogBaladi. Thank you Najib.

The hashtag on Twitter is ‪#‎StopTheHighway‬ and the Dress Code is Black.

I’ll be uploading pictures later in the day. Please join us.

Second protest is on Sunday the 2nd of March 2014 starting 11:00 at Rmeil area near Maronite Archbishopric of Beirut, in front of Sagesse club.

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