Celebrating Black History Month: Afro-Latina Poderosa Profile

Nuestra Vida, Nuestra Voz

Each February the United States honors important people and events in the history of the African diaspora during Black History Month. At the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health we’re honoring our Afro-Latin@ hermanos y hermanas by remembering the life and contributions of an Afro-Latina poderosa that was a leader in Peru’s women’s and human rights movements.

María_Elena_Moyano[1]María Elena Moyano Delgado (1958-1992) was an Afro-Peruvian activist, organizer, and feminist who fought tirelessly for both women’s and human rights. Known to her followers as Madre Coraje, (Mother Courage), María Elena fearlessly led social justice movements for dignity, freedom, and equal political participation in Peru.

As a teen she became a member of the youth movement, Movimiento de Jóvenes Pobladores, in Villa El Salvador – the vast shantytown outside of Lima where she resided. At age 24, she was elected president of the Federación Popular de Mujeres de Villa El…

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A new low for the UK: disabled man starves to death

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

A severely disabled and sick man – who had his benefits stopped after ATOS found he was ‘fit’ for work – has died of malnutrition.

Mark Wood’s GP said if either ATOS or the Department for Work and Pensions had contacted him he would have said in his professional opinion Mr Wood was not fit for work.

But Mr Wood’s GP was not contacted by either ATOS or anyone from the DWP.

Here’s Mark Wood’s tragic story from the Oxford Mail:

Man starved after benefits were cut

So now in this country we’re leaving vulnerable people to literally starve to death.

A new low even for the Tories and Liberal Democrats, surely?


Please feel free to comment.


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Approach of Mosquito-Borne Virus Has U.S. on Alert

Repeating Islands


Public-health officials in the U.S. are girding for the arrival of a debilitating mosquito-borne virus that is sweeping the Caribbean and could soon break out across large parts of the Americas, Cameron McWhirter reports for The Wall Street Journal.

The virus, chikungunya, first identified in 1952 in Tanzania, Africa, has been endemic for decades in southern and eastern Africa, according to the World Health Organization. But in the past decade it has spread to Asia and Europe, causing fever and intense muscle and joint pain for hundreds of thousands of people for weeks and, in some cases, years.

Now the disease has popped up in the West Indies, just as many Americans are planning spring-break trips to the region. On Dec. 10, 2013, the WHO confirmed the first two cases of chikungunya that were acquired locally rather than imported, on the French part of the island of St. Martin…

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Ocean’s 2 White Sands #newrelease #music #cloverfield

penned in moon dust

March is a great month for many reasons. One of them is the new release of Ocean’s 2a phenomenal blend of notes that you don’t want to miss. Tom Cloverfield has been creatingmagical instrumental mixes for years. For those of you who are just being introduced – please enjoy!

white sands

Tom: I’m so excited about your new release onMar 1.
What can you tell us about this project that is different from your other projects???
The very special thing about this project is, that Rainer Winschermann, the sax player, lives on my fav north sea island, where I have been every summer since I was 4 years old. I met him in 2012 for the first time and then we decided to make music together;
inspired by the colours and the lights and the beauty of Baltrum Island. From the moment we met, we knew we “are on the same frequency”…

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Daily Mail columnist denies links to sinister child pornography distribution network

sickos should be prosecuted

Pride's Purge


One of the UK’s leading tabloid newspaper columnists, Richard Littlejohn, has denied he has close links to a sinister organisation which regularly distributes photographs of half-naked children around a network of its perverted sick supporters.

Pride’s Purge has uncovered evidence that the organisation – known as DMGT – regularly publishes disgusting images of under-age children alongside commentary full of vile sexual innuendo.

Mr Littlejohn is a regular contributor to the sick and depraved publications.

The images distributed by the DMGT network  – some of which can be see here  – include children as young as 12 years old who are often described as “flirty“, “skimpy” and “sultry“.

The organisation also regularly distributes photographs of half-dressed children under titles such as “teen bikini queens” Too young?” and “tiny wetsuit”

In a statement, police said they are doing everything they can not…

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Save Achrafieh from the Fouad Boutros Project

hummus for thought


Based on various studies done by NGOs and the Civil Coalition including Save Beirut Heritage against the Fouad Boutros Project, here’s what this project would cause if implemented*:

  • The demolition of around 30 buildings, some of high heritage value.
  • The uprooting of about a hundred trees (Many of which are centennial).
  • The destruction of around 10,000sqm of green spaces.
  • The fragmentation of a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.
  • Further pollution and noise.
  • Increase of traffic in some areas and lack of parking space.

* The information was taken from the quick summary presented on BlogBaladi. Thank you Najib.

The hashtag on Twitter is ‪#‎StopTheHighway‬ and the Dress Code is Black.

I’ll be uploading pictures later in the day. Please join us.

Second protest is on Sunday the 2nd of March 2014 starting 11:00 at Rmeil area near Maronite Archbishopric of Beirut, in front of Sagesse club.

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Avian Flu Diary: Chikungunya Update & CDC Webinar Online

Although we’ve seen imported cases of Chikungunya into the United States, thus far onward transmission via local mosquito vectors has not been documented.  Of course, the same could have been said about the West Nile Virus prior to the late 1990s, and Dengue before 2009.


The most competent vector for the virus is the Aedes Albopictus mosquito (followed by the Aedes aegypti), which arrived in the United States in the 1980s, and can now be found across a wide swath of the country.

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“Act of Killing” Director Hopes U.S. Will Admit Genocide Role – Inter Press Service

“I was afraid at first, but after I got over that fear I realised that everyone I interviewed was boastful about even the most horrible details of the killings, which they described with smiles on their faces,” he said.

In the eight years that it took Oppenheimer to complete “The Act of Killing”, which was executive produced by internationally known directors Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, he only discovered his main character, Anwar Congo — the founder of a right-wing paramilitary organisation that grew out of the death squads — in the final year of filming.

Congo, who describes torturing and murdering suspected communists “like we were killing happily,” acts as though he is the director of the documentary as he collaborates with friends and colleagues to recreate scenes from his memory.

“I felt his pain was close to the surface, so I lingered on him,” said Oppenheimer.

But while Congo seems haunted by his past, especially by a recurring nightmare of a severed head with eyes he failed to close staring at him, he ultimately reverts to the excuse that he was just following orders.

via “Act of Killing” Director Hopes U.S. Will Admit Genocide Role – Inter Press Service.