Spin alert, spin alert, spin alert! Disinformation campaign! U.S. could free Israeli spy in deal to save peace talks: source close to talks | Reuters

An Israeli spy serving a life sentence in the United States and groups of Palestinian prisoners could be freed under an emerging deal to salvage Middle East peace talks, sources close to the negotiations said on Monday.

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Interesting way to try and get around justice, national policy, common sense. Reuters playing along?

Weekend Gun Report: March 28-30, 2014 – Philly on Sunday

Antonio Flores, 16, was shot in the face and killed while someone was playing with a gun in the Spring Garden section of Philadelphia Sunday afternoon. A 28-year-old man was shot and killed and a 27-year-old man was struck in the neck by a stray bullet across the street from Club 121 in the Grays Ferry section of Philadelphia early Sunday. A man was shot multiple times in the chest and killed during an argument at a house party in the Logan section of Philadelphia early Sunday. A man was shot several times in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia Sunday night.

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Weekend Gun Report: March 28-30, 2014 – And the NRA reportedly “yawns…”

Not really but maybe all of us are asleep to the number of people wounded and killed everyday with guns?

A 25-year-old man was shot and wounded while walking in Stamford, Conn., Friday night. A 21-year-old man was shot in the leg as he rode his bicycle in Jersey City, N.J., Thursday evening. A man was shot in the leg in Mastic Beach, N.Y., early Friday. A 17-year-old boy was robbed of his cellphone and shot in Stockton, Calif., Thursday night. Renata Marquez, 37, was shot and killed by her 38-year-old husband, who then shot and critically injured himself, in Hammond, Ind., early Sunday.

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Weekend Gun Report: Don’t let your child be shot and killed by accident, if you are Hispanic and in North Carolina…

Often when a child is accidentally shot by a friend or family member no one goes to jail, the reasoning being that the shooter has suffered enough. As a result, the penalty for such shootings varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

On Christmas Eve last year, 2-month-old Kestyn Davis was shot to death by her father, who was playing with a 9-mm handgun at their East Lampeter, Pa., home. G. Scott Davis, 36, pleaded guilty, but a judge decided not to imprison him, saying it would compound a tragedy and serve no purpose. The judge instead sentenced him to six years of probation, saying that he was “certain this is something that will haunt you the rest of your life.”

Davis said the day of the shooting replays in his mind daily, and told the judge that he loved his daughter. “I was so proud of my wife and family. I had such big dreams for her,” he said.

In October, 4-year-old Zoie Dougan was shot in the head and killed by a man who was target shooting in his backyard in Rogersville, Mo. The man had no idea Zoie was in range of his .22 caliber rifle as he took aim at a pile of trash, and he was reportedly distraught. The Christian County Prosecutor decided earlier this month not to file charges.

The girl’s mother, Alyssa, cried hysterically at the scene, but also reportedly told police, “Don’t let (him) get in trouble, it was an accident.” The man, who has not been identified, told officers he knew shooting at that location “wasn’t good judgment. I understand that.”

But Jeffery David Perez, 32, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and failure to secure a firearm when his 4-year-old son, Killian Perez, died while playing with a handgun in Fayetteville, N.C., last November. Perez, a soldier in the United States Army who was stationed at Fort Bragg, was home alone watching his son and two twin babies when the victim grabbed the loaded handgun from the top of a refrigerator and shot himself.

In the wake of shooting, Fayetteville police said that parents should have a safe in their homes so kids do not confuse a gun for a toy. “Our children sometimes just don’t know the difference and that’s kind of what happened in this case,” Sgt. Steven Bates said.

Here is today’s report.

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Bringing Systems-Thinking to #Ebola2014

On the mark, as I have been saying for a number of years – based on open systems theory.

Mens et Manus

How #Ebola2014 Got to Guinea – A Follow-Up Piece

Historically, the vast majority of documented Ebola outbreaks have been confined to communities in Central Africa [1]. However, a 2004 report by the CDC predicted that Ebola would eventually emerge in tropical West Africa – and now, as we watch the disease wreak havoc on Guinea and its neighboring countries, it’s clear that they were right [2]. This said, there are still a few questions that deserve our attention.

What we know is this: what we’re seeing today is the first Ebola outbreak in Guinea ever recorded [1].

Now, is it possible that Guinea has experienced outbreaks in the past – prior to 1976 when the disease was first “identified” by modern medicine in South Sudan and the DRC [1]? Absolutely. And given that most scientists agree that Ebola is a zoonotic disease[3], could it…

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Guinea: Mobilisation against an unprecedented Ebola epidemic | Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International

Conakry / Brussels / Geneva, 31 March 2014 – With eight confirmed cases of Ebola reported in the capital Conakry, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is facing an unprecedented epidemic in terms of the distribution of cases now scattered in several locations in Guinea.

“We are facing an epidemic of a magnitude never before seen in terms of the distribution of cases in the country: Gueckedou, Macenta Kissidougou, Nzerekore, and now Conakry,” said Mariano Lugli, coordinator of MSF’s project in Conakry.

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H5N1: Garrett on Ebola: Humans spark the outbreaks

When distressed by such environmental changes, animals are more likely to venture near human habitation in search of food, and come down from the upper tiers of forests into tree levels filled with predatory monkeys and chimps. 

Once in Nzara, McCormick found the rafters of a Sudanese textile warehouse filled with bats. South African virologist Robert Swanepoel found swarms of bats in trees inside Kikwit town, and traces of Ebola in their blood. Even bats found in a cave in Spain carried Ebola.

The bats play a vital role in the survival of rain forests: The solution is not elimination of the animals, but of human contact with them.

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