Egypt’s new buffer government


Ibrahim Mehlib

(Photo of Egypt’s new PM by Khaled Kandil / Associated Press / November 24, 2013)

The culture of rumors and speculations in Egypt can tempt us to abandon our logical thinking. Take, for example, the resignation of Beblawi’s government—this was a move that took many by surprise, but it shouldn’t have. The government resignation was inevitable; the timing may be intriguing, but the decision was not. Clarity and transparency are lacking commodities when it comes to Egypt’s political scene. We cannot know for sure why the government resigned (or forced to resign), nonetheless, there are contributing factors behind the departure of Beblawi’s government.

 Post-Morsi era

The Beblawi government appeared post-Morsi. It will always be associated with July 3 and the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood from power. Whether the army chief, Marshal Sisi, intends to run for election or not, the Egyptian leadership needs a new government with fresh faces, commissioned with the…

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