GOP Congressman says Senator Gillibrand’s bill is for attention, not about military sexual assault

Ohio Republican and co-chairman of the Sexual Assault Prevention Caucus, said:

She seriously misrepresents the circumstances of the Defense Department, because she ignores the legislation that was passed…. I think at this point, it’s certainly not an issue of sexual assault, it’s just an issue of the senator wanting to promote her solution that has already lost. I think she’s getting a whole lot of attention for a debate that’s over.

Seriously, Kirsten. Turner is over it. Shouldn’t you be? What is so important about the chain of command any way? Well, under the chain of command status quo, a victim of rape or sexual assault reports the crime to his her or superior. This means the person deciding how to proceed with the case will know the person reporting the crime. If the perpetrator of the crime is in the same unit, which is the case for 25% of women and 27% of men who are victims of sexual assault, that means that the superior will know the perpetrator or, even worse, will actually be the perpetrator. In other words the current system makes it so you may have to report your rape to your rapist. And if you think the system doesn’t exactly encourage people to come forward, you’re right. It silences them. According to the Department of Defense, among the women who did not report experiencing unwanted sexual contact,  “47% said fear of retaliation or reprisal prevented them from reporting. 43% heard about negative experiences from other victims who had reported. 50% thought nothing would be done.” And their fears were well-founded; 62% of the women who did report their assault experienced retaliation. So, an overwhelming majority of victims decide to stay silent. And the majority of those who make the brave and painful decision to report their rape or assault are punished for doing so. This system encourages silence at best–and revenge at worst.

via GOP Congressman says Senator Gillibrand’s bill is for attention, not about military sexual assault.