Story-telling illustrations by Emilie Sarnel – The Fox Is Black


Emilie Sarnel illustrates pinup girls, anthropomorphic food items, wolves with attitude, and tropical countries using bold black lines and bright pops of colour. Her style is sharp and geometric while still retaining a nice handmade touch. She’s not afraid of using large swaths of starkly contrasting black and white, though there are some illustrations in full neon palettes. Her projects beyond illustration include food packaging, product design and city guides. All of Emilie’s work looks like there’s a personal story behind it.

Emilie is a French designer who has lived in Hong Kong for the past two years. In these two years she has had three solo shows, a group show and started her own creative studio called Pleaseconfirm Ltd. It’s clear to me that Emilie has a definitive style but is still experimenting through taking on personal projects and trying mixed media.

via Story-telling illustrations by Emilie Sarnel – The Fox Is Black.