Being Poor In America – A Republican vision for America – ‘The Working Poor Is Now The Largest Group Receiving Food Stamp Benefits’ – ‘House Republicans Vote To Cut Food Stamps By $39 Billion’

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food stamps

‘Who receives food stamps — what you need to know’.

‘According to the University of Kentucky study’,

  • ’28 percent of food stamp households are headed by a person with at least some college education’.

‘In 1980 that number was eight percent’.

  • ‘Households receiving food stamps are headed by someone with a four-year degree in seven percent of cases’,

‘up from three percent’.

  • ‘Households headed by a high school graduate cover 37 percent of food stamp recipients’,

‘up from 28 percent’.

  • ‘From 2000 to 2011, stagnant wages accounted for 13 percent of the increase in food stamp enrollment’.

‘Those employed either full or part-time, in year round jobs, saw the largest growth in food stamp recipients since 1980’.

  • ‘Seventeen percent of full-time workers, and seven percent of part-time workers, now receive food stamps’.
  • ‘The number of food stamp households headed by an unemployed person has remained fairly constant, at about…

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Rand Paul thinks poor moms should be punished for being poor

Eugenics and Final Solution anyone? Rand Paul often does not know when to stop but the right-wing racists who really like him – know what’s in his heart – support “superior” people and suppress “inferior” people – Rand gets to define which is which… His next book? My Struggle!

The Republican party has a war on women and it’s not only about cutting access to reproductive rights: it’s comments like these, in which Paul advocates economic punishment for women who have what he thinks is too many kids. No matter what spin they put on it, they can’t escape the reality that this is what they do now: they punish poor moms for being poor, and for being moms.

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Defending people’s milk in India — New Internationalist

‘We take care of the cow and the cow takes care of us,’ says Marayal, a farmer in Thalavady, Tamil Nadu. Her two cows produce 6 to 10 litres of milk a day, which she sells for 30-40 cents per litre.

Across India, there are millions of backyard dairy farmers like Marayal. Each owning just one or two cows, these farmers supply millions more families and hundreds of thousands of informal milk parlours and tea stalls across India. These small unregistered operations prefer to buy milk directly from backyard dairy farmers, who supply fresh milk at the lowest price.

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University students run successful campus-wide fruit business through WeChat: Shanghaiist

Says Du of his decision: \”Before I opened my shop, I was always paying attention to the evolution of public accounts on WeChat. I could see that Tencent really valued them. Public accounts were becoming more open and you could upgrade them. Its API was open as well. Taobao is already too saturated – it’s hard to penetrate and there are a lot of fakes and advertisements. WeChat is a bit more agile. A small entity can still have its own brand. So when I thought the timing was right, I started Weiguofang.\”

Large companies such as McDonalds and 7-11 are no strangers to using WeChat to pimp their wares, but now it seems even the smallest-scale businesses are cashing in on the service as well. We figure it won\’t be long before the stinky tofu hawker and the chuanr guy follow suit.

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