Three Years of Female Struggle

Men in Egypt are good and bad – the problem is that good men do little to halt the actions of oafs, rapists, and bullies who target women for abuse to make these weak fools seem strong.

Egyptian Streets

By Nora P. Knobloch, contributor,
Is there any reason to celebrate the third anniversary of the Egyptian revolution? It is important to ask: what, in human rights, society, or politics, progressed and what has regressed?

It is crucial to observe the complexities in the political struggles that Egypt has witnessed over the past three years. It is also crucial to not become silent that the rights of Egyptian women are continuously ignored.  

Two months ago, Egypt was labeled the “worst Arab country for women” in a (study of the Thomson Reuters Foundation. According to the report, public places increasingly became a commonplace of sexual violence and abuse, especially during the last three years. Another report by the UN declared that more than 99 percent of the female Egyptian population has experienced sexual harassment.

Thus it is important to ask, in relation to the female populace: Where did the progression…

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