The Impact of Egypt’s Referendum on General Sisi


The Supreme Election Committee has finally announced the results of Egypt’s constitution referendum that stated a turnout was 38.6% of the 53 million eligible voters, 98.1% of whom approved the draft constitution. This result can seem perplexing to many outsiders, but it should not; it is an accurate reflection of the current trajectory in Egypt, following a painful three years of instability, polarization and the collapse of law and order. The outcome of the referendum should give all parties some food for thought, particularly, the army chief Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.  The result of the referendum indicates that his problem is not just the Muslim Brotherhood but also his weak, unsustainable coalition, particularly in the country’s much-neglected south and western regions.

The Turnout

Even the most optimistic of Sisi’s supporters admit that the turnout was less than ideal. Despite aggressive campaigning by state and private media as well as top religious…

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