Move over, Bolt — Jamaica’s cool runners are back

Repeating Islands


This article by Ian Chadband of The Daily Telegraph appeared in The Province.

Watts is booming the message over loud, clear and with an unstoppably infectious laugh. “Man, you should see me! Age is just a number. You’d never believe I was a man of 46. You’d say maybe 30, 35. I’m big, dark and handsome, like a 6-foot, 235-pound runnin’ back.”

His message from New York is this: Jamaica are going back to the snows, they are going to reheat one of the best Winter Olympic stories and the legend of Cool Runnings bobsleighers will ride once more in the safe hands of an old goalkeeper who is a proper athlete and properly cool, like Chris Gayle with a Calippo.

Watts has done his maths, he has calculated all the possibilities in the labyrinthine maze which is the Olympic bobsleigh qualifying process and has concluded that, barring some freakish…

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